_Augmented Remote Assistance

Build an agile and flexible workforce

_What is Augmented Remote Assistance?

Extended remote assistance enables employees to establish immediate contact with remote experts. This results in a streamlined service and maintenance process on the production hall and improved communication with the customer.

Your employees can be guided step by step by remote experts. Even the most inexperienced employee can complete a task that previously could only be handled by a specialist with extensive practical knowledge.

Save time on business trips, speed up processes, improve quality of work, safety and service.

_What you gain

Remote assistance applications enable experts to share their expertise without any physical travel to the workplace. This reduces the burden of more experienced experts who, because of their knowledge, are needed in different locations at the same time.
The possibility of losing an experienced employee who is nearing the end of their career because of age is no longer an issue. Augmented Remote Assistance allows you to keep an expert on board in a completely remote working format.
Remote assistance can easily connect experts with younger employees, enabling them to virtually mentor less experienced colleagues.
Remote assistance reduces the costs associated with providing expert support. By lowering costs, companies can direct skilled resources to help individual clients.

_Benefits of Augmented Remote Assistance:

Connect your employees from anywhere and increase their security

Collaborate with the best experts

Reduce errors by up to 30%

Share knowledge faster and more efficiently without having to travel

Increase productivity by up to 40%

Maximize profits and reduce costs with new services and features

The partnership with TTPSC was based on trust and experience.

TTPSC quickly found their place in the team, and the experience and skills they brought enabled us to operate together more effectively. Our colleagues at TTPSC helped us to achieve our goals.

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_Technology stack used for Augmented Remote Assistance:

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