_Asset management and service configuration

Implementation of CMDB processes through ITSM.

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_Asset management and service configuration

CMDB – configuration management database, is the part of IT infrastructure that collects, organizes and reflects all elements of your technology environment. From hardware to IT software, from networks to business processes, it's all under one virtual CMDB roof.


Implement effective asset and configuration management if your organization faces challenges such as:


Financial losses

As an organization grows and the number of resources increases, it becomes progressively difficult to effectively control and optimize assets without a single consolidated source of knowledge. Without efficient management, the organization becomes inefficient and exposed to unnecessary costs.


Compliance issues:

The lack of a central it asset management and configuration management system makes it difficult to monitor and maintain regulatory compliance. It also obstructs potential risk assessment.


Slowed incident response:

The absence of a unified source of configuration information makes it challenging to quickly locate and resolve situations, significantly prolonging incident response times. This inefficiency creates room for risk and downtime through time-consuming operations.


Lack of transparency and ineffective change management:

The absence of a consistent source of information on configuration elements makes it difficult to understand the full picture of the technology environment. Furthermore, dynamic changes in the IT environment, such as upgrades, expansions or resource transfers, can lead to chaos when there are no cmdb tools to control and track these changes.


Consulting and analysis

we will assess your current CMDB, providing insights and recommendations for improvements, management tools, or configuration changes to align with the company's needs.

Comprehensive implementation

if you don't have CMDB tools, we will implement solutions to fill the gap. Gain a single, consistent source of information about your organization's resources.

Integration of IT systems

facilitate quick access to key information.

Maintenance of IT services, monitoring

entrust us with the ongoing care of your infrastructure.

Support and training

technical support and training for your organization's team.

_Configuration management and IT asset management - benefits

Effective implementation of a CMDB solution brings significant business value, including:

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Reduced operational risk and costs

The transparent database structure provides the organization with a single, consistent source of information. This enables easy control and management of user access, as well as ongoing security and financial monitoring.

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Efficient license management

License information stored in the CMDB simplifies the control and management of license usage. This facilitates effective monitoring of the number of software licenses in use, supporting service management frameworks, planning, and resource optimization. Consequently, this aids in effective.

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Faster incident resolution

Automated processes and easily accessible detailed information collected in the database enable the rapid analysis of incidents and appropriate action without downtime, wasted time, or assets.

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Transparency and increased control over changes

Collected data provides a quick view of the relationships between resources, eliminating clutter and providing a clear picture of the IT environment, thereby enabling the organization to gain full control over the infrastructure. Tracking changes, hardware data history, recent upgrades or new functionality minimizes the risk of process irregularities and avoids chaos.

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_CMDB database composition

Asset information:

  • Equipment data: identifiers, technical parameters, purchase dates, warranties.
  • Software information: versions, software licenses, installation dates.
  • Network data: configurations, IP addresses, topologies.

Organizational Structure:

  • Information about the departments, teams and hierarchical structure of the organization.
  • Assign assets to specific organizational units.

Relationships between assets:

  • ZDependencies and relationships between different assets, such as the relationship between a server and a database.

History of change:

  • Activities related to modifications in resource configuration.
  • Dates of changes and information about the authors.

Operational data:

  • Information on the status of assets: availability, failures, current load.
  • Real-time resource utilization data.

Service Data:

  • Configuration of services provided by the organization.
  • Relationships between services and individual IT assets.

Security data:

  • Information on security and safety policies related to assets.
  • History of security incidents and actions taken as a result.

Financial data:

  • Costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of assets.
  • Information about budgets assigned to each configuration element.

Service consumer data:

  • Information about users and other consumers of IT services.
  • Assign assets to specific users.

Maintenance and upkeep data:

  • Maintenance and inspection schedules for IT assets.
  • Information on current and planned maintenance work.

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_The CMDB process through ITSM includes:

CMDB integration with IT service management:

We offer comprehensive integration of the Central Configuration Database (CMDB) with IT Service Management (ITSM), providing a robust foundation for the effective management of services and the IT domain within the organization.

Automatic detection and rapid response:

With the ability to integrate advanced ITSM monitoring functions , we are able to identify potential problems early. This capability empowers the DevOps team to respond promptly, reducing incident resolution time.

Recovery and improvement:

In the event of a major incident, IT Service Management becomes a crucial tool for swiftly recovering services and minimizing the impact on users. The reports generated provide valuable information for continuous process improvement, eliminating repetitive errors, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Change management:

The integration of ITSM with CMDB facilitates strategic management of changes to the IT infrastructure. Consolidated data from both systems enables precise planning and control of changes, which in turn can help improve risk assessment of disruptions and conflicts.

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During the meeting, you will most probably be asked about:

  • The specifics of the operation, current structure, and resources of your organization that you want to enrich with processes such as configuration management and it asset management.
  • Your CMDB data availability and security needs and challenges
  • Areas of your organization that require priority CMDB implementation
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_Services related to ITSM implementation

  • TTPSC Mapowanie procesów

    Business analysis

    Precise understanding of existing processes and infrastructure in comparison with customer needs and recommendations for optimal solutions.

  • TTPSC Mapowanie procesów

    Process mapping

    Mapping the processes that the client cares about in the form of understandable paths of action.

  • Consulting


    Consultation and recommendations related to the existing working IT environment in the Industry and for business operations.

  • TTPSC Instalacja i konfiguracja

    Installation and configuration

    Implementation of concepts by installing and configuring a selected set of tools so that they create a harmonized environment.

  • TTPSC Wsparcie i utrzymanie

    Support and maintenance

    Ongoing administrator support, taking care of the client's infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and compliance with best practices.

  • TTPSC Testowanie


    Manual and/or automated testing of the implemented solution before commissioning.

  • TTPSC Rozwój


    Scaling the environment with new processes and improvements so that the solutions you have can grow with your business.

  • TTPSC Usługi chmurowe

    Cloud services

    Full range of cloud services from migration, cost optimization, management to integration, among others.


_Quick Answers to FAQs about Asset Management and Configuration Management on the IT Service Management Platform

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) functions as a central repository of information regarding the configuration of IT infrastructure components. It facilitates the management of hardware resources, storing relevant data on hardware, software details, their relationships, and the history of changes. The CMDB plays a vital role in tracking and deploying service configuration management, essential for effective IT environment management.

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