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Jira 是 2002 年开发的软件,旨在提高公司的绩效。 从那时起,该软件一直在不断改进、开发和扩展附加功能。


Jira 对应各种业务的需求。 Jira 开发人员的主要想法是在员工团队内就已执行的任务进行流畅的沟通; 为他们提供工具,使他们能够相互通知变更、收集必要的数据并实时跟踪项目进展。 Jira 的创建使其可以根据每个公司的需求进行配置。

Jira Atlassian


  • 任务和项目管理,
  • 工作进度跟踪,
  • 实时可见的变化,
  • 对报告的问题做出快速反应,
  • 明确任务分工,
  • 报告和统计。

Jira – 带来节省的投资

每家公司的成功都取决于良好的组织和优秀的团队。 Jira 提高了工作质量,即 由于自动化机制和附加功能,它们补充了客户真正需要的软件。

Jira is software which works the best when it is configured according to specification of a particular business and particular company – otherwise, it is not going to be properly used, and the investment is not going to bring expected improvement.


That is why we start cooperation with our clients with analysis which makes it possible for us to customize the offer precisely.

Jira and what's next?

Software as Jira demands constant specialists’ ‘care’. TT PSC Atlassian’s experts offer a full range of service concerning implementation and maintenance of an application – also for companies which have already been using Jira software or any other Atlassian products:

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    Data migration

    Transferring data from one software to another; happens between Atlassian software but also from external software (for example: OTRS, BMC Remedy Bugzilla, Service Desk Plus) to Jira environment.

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    Upgrading software version along with all the extras. On the basis of our analysis, we recommend our client the version which is the most optimal for the company (the latest one does not always mean the best).

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    Application hosting

    Software maintenance in the Cloud, on the server or Data Center solutions. We will recommend the most optimal solution for you.

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    Additional functionalities created specially for the client or already-existing extras which are sold and installed.

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    Application integration

    Combining client’s application with tools from Atlassian environment (for example, Jira software integration with switchboard or employee holiday management software).

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    Technical support

    Implementation and post-implementation support – possibility to contact TT PSC Atlassian’s specialists in case of any problems.


  • Atlassian Server 系统的许可证支持将于 2023 年 2 月到期
  • 您可以 将许可证用户数量增加到 2022 年 2 月 2 日
  • Atlassian 专注于云 数据中心 – 通过选择这两个选项之一来规划迁移,并确保您将来能够开发您的基础架构

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