_Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Leverage the value of the Industrial Internet of Things to digitally transform your manufacturing.

_Business Challenges

Lack of real-time control over the production process

Low machine throughput, unplanned production downtimes

Manual, time-consuming collection of data from individual data sources

Lack of real-time monitoring, reporting and data analysis

_What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

IIoT is a way to integrate the data from existing data silos in any enterprise, including production data, data from enterprise-class systems or systems that support or oversee the production.

All this to get the right data to the right people at the right time. To build visibility and awareness of the current state of production, to enable analysis and optimization. And as a result, achieve a true Smart Factory.

_Areas of application of the Industrial Internet of Things in manufacturing

Remote real-time production monitoring

Unlock the full potential of production operations with solutions that help monitor and analyze data from various sources in real time for everyone involved - from operators through shift supervisors to top management. This allows you to analyze the status of production and the problems that occur. And this is always the first step for use of Machine Learning engines for advanced analytics and taking the advantage of your data.

Preventing breakdowns and downtime on the shop floor

Collect and analyze data from equipment and machines in real time resulting in the detection of anomalies and problems at an early stage. Prevent unplanned downtimes on production lines with alerts and notifications in the form of emails and SMS. With accurate information on the history of machine status, it’s also feasible to understand actual machine utilization and identify areas that need attention.

Data visualization

Visualize the necessary data in the form of easy-to-read reports and real-time dashboards showing the data and trends, essential for effective analysis and informed decision-making. With these actionable insights you can efficiently see and understand patterns, relationships and spot emerging issues leading to true operational intelligence.

Production process optimization

By monitoring the production process and the condition of machines in real time, it’s manageble to identify bottlenecks in the production process. By linking this information to statistics measuring production efficiency, it’s attainable to optimize the process, resulting in higher operational efficiency.

_IIoT benefits

Optimizes production processes, enables the identification of bottlenecks, measurement and improvement of production statistics (KPIs)

Displays the production status information from any location and device

Opens the possibility to analyze the data, predict and prevent failures

Shows detailed knowledge of process flow based on data

Supports employees, reduces unnecessary tedious activities

Improves energy efficiency and optimize utility consumption

_IIoT relationships for manufacturing companies

Energy Advisor for Manufacturing

Control energy consumption and make informed decisions to reduce costs. The solution allows you to analyze the profitability of production and product margins, gain the necessary knowledge to optimize production plans and simulate future costs of energy and other utilities.


Production Monitoring with OEE zamiast OEE Advisor

Calculate OEE in real time based on data automatically collected from machines, monitor it and create reports presenting information to help optimize it. Control your production process and make better decisions based on real data.


_Technologies supporting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

_ThingWorx from PTC - the leading IIoT platform

PTC Partner Network Windchill logo

ThingWorx's Internet of Things platform, which enables machines to quickly connect to enterprise systems, analyze data, and manage production lines through ready-made applications and simple user interfaces.


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