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_Power of Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics and AI are two of the fastest-growing fields in the world of technology. They are both concerned with the analysis of large amounts of data in order to extract useful insights and make predictions.
Data analytics and AI together are powerful tools for understanding complex systems. By combining these two fields, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their data and make more mature business decisions.
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_What we do?

Every company which aspire to become data-driven organization must own modern Data Platform.

Data Platforms are software applications or systems that are used to collect, store, process, and analyze large amounts of data. These platforms typically consist of several components, including a database for storing data, tools for cleaning and preprocessing data, algorithms for analyzing data, and visualization tools for presenting the results of data analysis.

The need for Data Platforms, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and other types of data repositories is driven by the increasing amount of data that organizations are generating and collecting. As businesses generate more data from a variety of sources, such as transactions, sensors, and social media, they need a way to store and manage this data in a way that allows them to access and analyze it.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and make your data an asset. With TT PSC, you can easily organize, clean, and pre-process your data while also ensuring the highest levels of security and governance.

Data Analytics Platforms

Visualize data and create holistic reporting systems with Data Visualization and Reporting.

The main purpose of BI is to provide organizations with the information they need to make better-informed decisions. By using BI, organizations can identify trends and patterns in their data, make predictions about the future, and take action based on sophisticated reports that can be created upfront or generated on-demand based on user input.

Data visualization and reporting

In order to apply AI you must consider Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.

The main purpose of data science and machine learning platforms is to provide organizations with the tools and resources they need to gain insights from their data and develop and deploy machine learning models. By using these platforms, organizations can collect and store large amounts of data, analyze this data to identify trends and patterns and develop and deploy machine learning models that can make predictions or take other types of action based on this data.

An MLOps platform provides the infrastructure and tools needed to manage the lifecycle of ML models. This typically includes features such as version control for ML models, automation tools for building and training models, and monitoring and alerting tools for monitoring the performance of models in production.

By using an MLOps platform, organizations can automate and streamline many of the tasks involved in managing machine learning models. This can save time and effort, and reduce the risk of errors and issues with ML models. It can also help organizations ensure that their ML models continue to perform well in production, and enable them to quickly and easily update and improve their models.

Improve your business with end-to-end AI Solutions from Industrial, Supply Chain and Product Lifecycle areas

Our AI solutions offering is focused on most critical aspects of each potential business area, from product design enhancements, via manufacturing process improvements to supply chain, logistics and customer satisfaction optimization.

Industrial AnalyticsSupply Chain IntelligenceProduct Lifecycle Intelligence
Anomaly DetectionDemand Forecasting & Warehouse OptimizationChange Management Optimization
Predictive QualityAllocation & Replenishment 
Predictive MaintenanceInventory Optimization 
 Delivery Optimization 
 Fraud Detection 

Discovery of a wide range of Data Services we are offering to help businesses of all sizes succeed in today's data-driven world:

  • Staff augmentation: our highly skilled data scientists and data engineers can augment your existing staff, providing the specialized expertise you need to drive AI initiatives
  • AI Data Discovery: we can help you identify new opportunities for data-driven growth and innovation, working with you to develop a roadmap for success
  • Data migrations: we support the smooth transition of your data to the cloud or other platforms, minimizing disruption and downtime
  • Data strategy consulting: we can work with you to develop a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives
  • SAS modernization: Our specialists have working knowledge on SAS 9.x and SAS Viya including Azure deployments, plus experiences with extending SAS with open-source ML tools and frameworks.

_Harness the power of Data & AI to improve areas

  • Identify bottlenecks by analyzing sensor data on the production line
  • AI algorithm will suggest changes to help eliminate problems from the production process
  • A solution based on Data & AI will help improve the overall efficiency of the production process
Supply chain
  • Identify trends in customer behavior
  • AI will predict the most popular products in the future
  • Improve inventory management with the data obtained
  • Increase sales based on this data

_Start to make data-driven decisions

To become a data-driven organization, you must prioritize the collection, analysis, and use of data in your decision-making processes. This can be achieved through the following steps:

Establish a clear vision and strategy
for becoming a data-driven organization. This should include a plan for how data will be used to support decision-making and drive business objectives.
Invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure
to support data-driven decision-making. This may include Data Platforms, MLOps systems, and other tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization, as well as a robust and secure data storage and management system.
Develop a culture
of data-driven decision-making within the organization. This involves training employees on how to use data effectively, leveraging BI reporting tools and encouraging them to use data to support their decisions, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to access and analyze data.
Continuously collect and analyze data
to support decision-making. This involves regularly gathering data from various sources, such as customer interactions, internal processes, and market trends, and using this data to inform business decisions.
Use data to drive continuous improvement.
by implementing AI Solutions and regularly analyzing data and using it to support decision-making, organizations can identify opportunities for improvement and take action to drive growth and success.

_Take proactive steps to prevent costly repairs and downtime

We understand that every organization has its own unique needs and challenges. We can help you in a variety of ways, and we provide platforms and services to drive better business outcomes. Easily find out if your data is ready for AI.

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