Hosting for business: applications and software in cloud or on servers

Maintaining continuous work of an application

We offer our clients hosting service which means maintaining the software in constant work 24/7 on stable and fast servers along with administration and monitoring machines’ proper work. This solution enables users to use software’s expanded functionalities without investing in their own servers; the installed software is safe and stable, and the company does not need to have advanced equipment or administrators who would operate it. We guarantee the highest quality, constant access and safety.

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We are Amazon Web Services' and Microsoft Azures' partner

Hosting by TT PSC Atlassian is based on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, undeniable leaders of cloud solutions. Because of that, we can offer:

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  • Safety

    AWS as a giant company invests in cybersecurity much more than any other company which offer similar service.

  • Customization of cloud type to clients’ needs

    we offer the type of cloud which guarantee software’s efficient work; a client does not overpay for too advanced or useless technical resources.

  • Pay as you go

    a client pays only for the things they really use.

  • Global solutions at hand

    a company can implement their applications in many world’s areas with the use of just a few clicks.

  • Speed and efficiency

    new resources for developers are available off-hand, which reduces the time of delivering them to specialists as well as shortens the time necessary to test new solutions.

  • Scalability

    resources offered by AWS can be customized to the size of a company and increased as the business grows.

Hosting AWS by TT PSC Atlassian

  • Possibility of advanced software configuration.
  • Responsibility for the right work, maintenance and machines’ administration on the part of service provider’s specialists.
  • Software upgrade performed by TT PSC Atlassian’s administrators, on client’s demand.
  • The software is safe and machines’ proper work is continuously monitored.
  • Hosting service is a perfect solution for companies which do not have their own servers; do not want to invest money in them or deal with its operating, as well as for those who are looking for cloud solutions.

Hosting of Atlassian’s environment Poland, Europe, The World

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If you are using Jira, other Atlassian systems or apps from Atlassian Marketplace in Server version:


From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.