_IT monitoring

Control of IT infrastructure 24/7


Use our services if you are facing challenges such as:


Frequent failures and/or repeated errors in the functioning of the environment


Difficulty in accurately identifying the source of failure and late response to problems


No data to take proactive measures


Overloaded teams or lack of skills/experience needed to holistically analyze and improve IT infrastructure performance

_IT monitoring

Reduce downtime due to failures, or incidents that compromise IT security, and improve the functioning of your environment.

We use open-source tools of the Enterpise class:

Zabbix logo

Main functionalities:

comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure, applications, network services and other resources.


to provide full visibility into the performance and status of IT systems, enabling rapid response to potential problems and minimizing downtime.

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Main functionalities:

creating interactive and aesthetically pleasing charts, graphs and dashboards.

The goal:

to present the collected data in a clear and readable manner, allowing quick analysis and understanding of the performance of systems and resources.

  • Zabbix and Grafana work together to combine monitoring and data analysis capabilities. Zabbix collects data from a variety of sources and monitors the IT infrastructure, while Grafana provides extensive data visualization capabilities.
  • Grafana's data visualization makes it easier to understand trends and the occurrence of problems in the IT environment.
  • The combination of Zabbix with Grafana enables comprehensive management and analysis of IT infrastructure performance, resulting in rapid response to potential problems and optimization of system performance and availability.

_IT monitoring benefits


Real-time control

Fewer failures

By monitoring user and server activity in real time, incident response is immediate.


Precise identification of failure source and notification

Quick identification and action

Instant response to an outage is made possible by a reliable real-time alert function. Such alerts can reach the IT team in various ways, such as through: email, sms, call.


Complete information about IT resources

Take proactive measures

The solutions used for monitoring allow the team to observe the IT environment, control its operation, and collect data on its various elements. This allows the team to suggest improvements.



Relieving the burden on administrators

By automating monitoring and alerts, IT administrators focus on troubleshooting rather than constantly monitoring the infrastructure.


Eliminate downtime

Maintain business continuity

The implementation of an IT monitoring solution ensures the continuity of the organization's operations - downtime resulting from failures or critical incidents is eliminated. And if such an event occurs, the company can react instantly and thus reduce downtime to a minimum.


Fewer failures

Cost optimization

IT Infrastructure Monitoring effectively optimizes costs by eliminating downtime. By preventing failures, the IT administrator will avoid the costs associated with fixing them.

_Monitoring of IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Devices:

  • Physical and virtual servers

    Monitor server health and performance, including CPU usage, RAM, disk space, system load, monitor cluster layouts

  • Network devices

    Routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, incoming and outgoing network traffic, network services like: HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc.

  • Data backup devices

    Data Domain

IT Infrastructure Components:

  • Operating systems

    Windows, Linux, Unix

  • Web pages with user scenarios

    Web application availability and performance (response code, response time).

  • SSL certificate validity
  • Web Servers - IIS
  • Java JMX
  • Java JMX
  • KQueuing systems
  • Databases

    MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MarkLogic, DB2

  • Sensors: energy and air conditioning

    Ability to monitor environmental sensors and parameters such as temperature, humidity and power consumption in the data center.


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_Implementation of IT monitoring step by step

IT infrastructure analysis

Identification of gaps and needs .

Implement monitoring solutions

Tailored to the equipment/elements to be controlled.

Support of the monitoring team

At the request of the client, we can assign a person to watch over the monitoring of the infrastructure

Proactive measures

Making improvements based on acquired data.

_Make an appointment for a consultation

Before the meeting, prepare information such as:

  • Current status of monitoring in the organization.
  • Statement of elements to be monitored – number and type of devices/elements of infrastructure.
  • Problems I would like to solve (e.g., frequent crashes, inefficient use of resources).

_ITSM implementation related services

  • TTPSC Business analysis

    Business analysis

    Dokładne poznanie istniejących procesów i infrastruktury w zestawieniu z potrzebami klienta oraz propozycje optymalnych rozwiązań.

  • TTPSC Process mapping

    Process mapping

    Mapping the processes that the client cares about in the form of understandable paths of action.

  • Consulting


    Consultation and recommendations related to the existing working IT environment in the Industry and for business operations.

  • TTPSC nstallation and configuration

    nstallation and configuration

    Implementation of concepts by installing and configuring a selected set of tools so that they create a harmonized environment.

  • Support and maintenance

    Support and maintenance

    Ongoing administrator support, taking care of the client's infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and compliance with best practices.

  • TTPSC Testing


    Manual and/or automated testing of the implemented solution before commissioning.

  • TTPSC Rozwój


    Scaling the environment with new processes and improvements so that the solutions you have can grow with your business.

  • TTPSC Cloud services

    Cloud services

    Full range of cloud services from migration, cost optimization, management to integration, among others.


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