IT system security audit

Check how secure the systems in your company are

Do you work in an IT environment you are constantly developing and improving? Great! Find out if your systems are properly secured and compliant with current practices. We perform a system configuration audit, a security audit, vulnerability scans and penetration tests. Your business is safe with us.

Audyt bezpieczeństwa systemów IT - IT system security audit - TTPSC

Information security audit – types

Security audit

Expert IT environment analysis with regard to security, regulations and best practices.

Important!: A security audit is a strictly analytical activity; it refers to configuration of systems, devices and existing documentation; it does not include offensive activities which are performed during penetration tests.

Result: Report and recommendations.

It will tell you:

  • If the IT infrastructure meets the specific security standards;
  • if the environment contains gaps that might be potential threats.

System configuration audit

Company server and device configuration check.

Result: An error report including remarks and recommendations for timely implementation of changes improving security and efficiency of services.

It will tell you:

  • If the servers and devices operate according to accepted configuration standards;
  • if they meet best practices;
  • if they are efficient.

Penetration test

An offensive test consisting in breaking the security of IT systems and accessing data operated by the system.

Result: A technical report describing the indicated vulnerabilities, supplemented with recommendations on how to fix them.

It will tell you:

  • The vulnerabilities (weaknesses) of your company’s IT systems.
  • Efficiency of the systems’ security.
  • The proper security measures.

Vulnerability scans

Scanning of public and internal IT infrastructure to identify and classify their vulnerabilities (weaknesses). The service is performed automatically by certified software. The scanning can be performed on a set range of IP addresses or directly in the given system or application.

Important!: All the identified vulnerabilities are subject to verification by qualified auditors who verify their risks.

Result: A report containing detailed information on the identified vulnerabilities with recommendations how to fix them.

They will tell you:

  • The vulnerabilities of your company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Their risk ratings.
  • Possible measures to fix them.

You need an IT security audit in case:

  • You have never ordered such a service or it hasn’t been ordered in a long time.
  • Your company’s IT environment has expanded quickly.
  • Your company operates on a critical system.
  • You want to be sure your company data is safe.
  • You are concerned about how safe your infrastructure is.

You can rely on us

We never abandon our customers after the audit. We offer additional services, such as:

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    Repeating the tests after the recommendations indicated in the report are implemented.

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    Consultancy over implementation, selection of system security measures and technologies.

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    Regular security scans (required by most standards, i.e. ISO, GDPR or PCI DSS).

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