Transition Technologies PSC brings augmented reality (AR) to a museum in Taiwan

Step into the future and see your favorite exhibits come to life! The impressive technology of spatial computing and digital information delivery in physical space will be introduced to museums.


The National Taiwan Museum launches the new app “NTM Smart+” with the support from the Ministry of Culture’s “Museum Smart Upgrade and Demonstration Program”. The app integrates the physical space with AR overlays anchored as digital descriptions, paving a new way for the visitors to experience exhibitions. The app was developed in collaboration with Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), a Global Solution Integrator headquartered in Poland. It uses Vuforia’s Area Target technology, which anchors AR content with excellent recognition speed and accuracy of tracking. It is the first digital exhibition model in Taiwan to use this technology.


According to TT PSC, the “NTM Smart+” app leverages space scanning technology to produce a 3D equivalent of the target exhibition hall, and as long as the application is running inside a scanned location, the program will automatically and accurately track and identify each exhibit in the museum.

“NTM Smart+” app offers a new way of navigating through the museum and discovering its treasures using augmented reality and spatial computing technologies. The app is an intuitive and efficient device with a user-friendly interface and enables easy navigation for an immersive experience. – comments Michal Neufeld, AR Team Manager in TT PSC


The user will be visually navigated through the spatial context instead of having to search for wall signs or scanning QR codes. Visitors can intuitively point the device at the exhibition’s objects, and corresponding digital information, like the name of the specimen, its description, pictures, or sounds will be displayed immediately on the mobile device in their hands. It will make information more accessible for the visitors and enrich their museum experience.


The Museum experiments on new technologies in the “Nature Taiwan” section of the “Exploring Taiwan” permanent exhibition for this project. More than 1,000 exhibits can be browsed through digital signage, extended reading, and listening to the local soundscape in the augmented reality of the app.


“NTM Smart+” app was launched on Apple’s App Store on 1st of May, 2022. Its Android version will be built subsequently in the near future. In addition, the Museum will utilize the app on other permanent exhibitions, innovating public education with a variety of display methods and enriched content.


The Museum emphasizes that the “NTM Smart+” app enables virtual imagination in physical spaces and provokes new and interesting museum experience. The project helps visualize the future of museum tours and audience engagement. From now on, you can use your mobile phone to download the “NTM Smart+” app, and experience a new way to visit the “Nature Taiwan” exhibition of the Museum. For more details, please visit the official website


You are welcome to embrace a refreshing adventure of museum AR tours at the National Taiwan Museum!


This press release is prepared in cooperation with the National Taiwan Museum.

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