Transition Technologies PSC has implemented a data reporting system for Haarslev

Transition Technologies PSC is Haarslev’s partner in its digitalization process. Haarslev is the global market leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing state-of-the-art process solutions for processing valuable by-products in the poultry and meat rendering industry and the fishmeal/oil industry. Haarslev is actively implementing the Industry 4.0 concept by investing in the development of customer oriented digital solutions. Part of that is the new system to report in real time and historical data, which streamline the flow of production-related data. System access is possible from anywhere in the world, thereby making it possible to monitor and control production better.

“Digitalization processes are inevitable in every industry, although they may progress at a different pace in various industries. In the processing industry, and in the food industry, the top priority is to take actions to prevent the generation of costs, i.e. production downtime, especially after the last two years during which entire sectors were affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital future of the local food industry is embedded in data-dedicated solutions, meaning in how data are compiled, analyzed, processed and monetized. Haarslev, a Danish company, may serve as an example for other companies that are considering their digital transformation. This points to a trend in the sector whereby implementing an innovative data reporting system can yield savings, which are so strongly sought after at the current time”, says Szymon Bartkowiak, CEO of TT PSC.


This new reporting system which is based on PTC’s ThingWorx platform employs the most important KPIs concerning quality, energy consumption, throughput and other data evidencing process efficiency. This makes it possible to track deviations and identify factors making production inefficient, and thus to rectify them. This system is capable of delivering current information notwithstanding the client’s area of business (poultry, meat processing, fish).

“The TT PSC team has demonstrated extensive technical knowledge and motivation in this project. The proposed solution is aligned to our business objectives. The new IIoT reporting platform based on ThingWorx with the SCPA supplement developed by TT PSC has helped us simplify data monitoring and analysis for our customers. We are confident that we will successfully continue our collaboration with TT PSC to develop this product further”, says Preben Alstrøm, Digital Solutions & Science Director in Haarslev.

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