Transition Technologies PSC with EU grant on the development of human-robot cooperation


A consortium involving Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), a global integrator of IT solutions that pursues the Industry 4.0 concept to help companies in their digital transformation, has received EU funding for the development of industrial robots. The €9.2 million grant was awarded under Horizon Europe, the EU’s key research and innovation funding program, with a budget of €11.2 million for the three-year project.


TT PSC is the only company from Poland within the international consortium. The project will be responsible for integrating devices and technologies to provide operators with seamless human-robot communication. It will use natural language processing, machine learning, hardware for hands-free remote collaboration, physiological signal monitoring, eye tracking, GPU computing or cloud services, among others


“Robots and automation have long been present in factories. Of course, they surpass us in speed of work, accuracy, efficiency, but thanks to progress, we can maintain the central role of humans and use human intellect, adaptability, spontaneity or creativity. I myself am curious to see how far, using both augmented reality and artificial intelligence, we will get in the process of creating industrial robots. Not only will they be able to take over the physical and cognitive workloads of humans, but they will also be able to learn and gain experience together with their human counterparts as part of their team to establish manufacturing practices based on quality and well-being. I am convinced that machines constructed and used in plants in this way could become a permanent part of the production process,” – says Adam Gąsiorek, CTO at TT PSC.


The development of robotization and human-machine cooperation is supported by EU programs funding research and innovation. The “Fluently” project funded by Horizon Europe will culminate in the development of the “Fluently Smart Interface” device and the launch of the “Robo-Gym” center. – Europe’s first center for interactive human-robot training, where humans and robots learn from each other’s work practices. “Fluently” uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence-based decision-making to achieve true social interaction between humans and machines, while adapting to highly dynamic production contexts.


Robots equipped with “Fluently Smart Interface” will interpret speech, tone of voice, and gestures, which will be automatically translated into robot instructions, making them available for any robot skill profile. Modeling of products and production changes is to be realized in a way that robots can recognize, interpret and adjust them in cooperation with humans.


This unique project, coordinated by Reply, has attracted as many as 21 companies and institutions operating in the industrial field from 13 countries – including those outside Europe. The Partners will combine experience, competence and enthusiasm for implementing the latest technologies to enter the next levels of the industrial revolution. The work will culminate in a demonstration of the effects of implementing the “Fluently Smart Interface” on three full-scale pilots characterized by different levels of automation, production dynamics and complexity of production decision-making.


Expenditures for the commercialization of the project including the implementation of Fluently and the creation of Robo-Gym are estimated at €18.8 million. The project’s projected EBITDA in 2028 is €16.3 million, with a return on investment in 2028 at an assumed 13 percent gross profit and ROI of 91 percent. Achieving this result is expected to require the employment of at least 325 people in the project’s supply chains.

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