Transition Technologies USA joins Transition Technologies PSC

Transition Technologies USA, Inc. (TT USA), an American technology company as Transition Technologies SA subsidiary, announced today its strategic acquisition by Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), a global systems integration leader 


The partnership between TT USA and TT PSC represents a significant collaboration, harnessing technology and services to provide enhanced value, especially the US customers. By combining their technological expertise, resources, and industry experience, they are committed to delivering even greater value to their clients, strengthening their market position, and expanding their vision. This collaboration marks an important milestone, showcasing their dedication to innovation and creating new opportunities. 


Under the new ownership, TT USA will continue to operate under its existing brand, ensuring a seamless transition for clients and employees. The focus will be on integrating resources and leveraging shared expertise to enhance service offerings and maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction. 


“Through our partnership, we amplify our ability to deliver exceptional value, foster stronger relationships, and strengthen our position in the US market. We are immensely grateful for Emerson, an integral part of the TT USA ecosystem and for their invaluable contributions to our collective success,” said Szymon Bartkowiak, CEO at TT PSC. “This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to growth, technological innovation, and customer success. Together, we will create an exciting path to redefine industry standards and unlock limitless opportunities enabling us to make a meaningful impact.” 


Additionally, as part of this development, TT USA is proud to introduce Patrick Mullen promoted as President of TT USA, responsible for overseeing operations and driving growth in the United States. Mullen previously was the Regional Director for TT PSC, North America. 


“TT USA is thrilled to join forces with Transition Technologies PSC,” said Patrick Mullen, President of Transition Technologies USA. “This partnership brings together our expertise and resources, enabling us to deliver even greater value and innovation to our clients. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can make in the market.” 

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Steph Gustafson, Senior Marketing Manager, Transition Technologies USA

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