TT PSC is the winner of the German Innovation Award 2023!

Recognizing our outstanding contribution, TT PSC has been honoured with the German Innovation Award 2023 in the category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business – Energy Solutions.


The German Innovation Award acknowledge products and solutions that distinguish themselves through user-centricity and provide added value compared to previous offerings across all industry sectors. This year, Transition Technologies PSC stood out as one of the winners in the category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business – Energy Solutions.


TT PSC’s Energy Advisor for Manufacturing empowers manufacturing companies to comprehend and effectively manage their energy consumption and expenses, facilitating prompt decision-making for cost reduction. With its ability to conduct in-depth analysis of production profitability and product margins, optimize production plans, and mitigate excessive energy costs, this innovative solution significantly enhances business efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of production.


The distinction of Energy Advisor for Manufacturing in the ‘German Innovation Awards 2023’ reinforces our conviction that we are making strides in the right direction toward fostering sustainability in the industry. Our solution not only enables an estimated 3-8% reduction in energy consumption while maintaining production capacity but also offers targeted improvements to production processes. says Svenja Kratz, Senior Brand & Marketing Specialist at TT PSC Germany.


The grand gala and award ceremony took place on May 23rd at the Futurium museum in Berlin. 650 companies took part in the competition. The organizer of the competition, the German Design Council, aims to enhance the competitiveness of companies – “because the innovations that shape the future and improve our lives come from all industries.”- recalls the organizer.


When we embarked on the development of EAM, we held firm in our belief that we were creating something exceptional. Our aim was to devise a solution that supports organizations’ energy efficiency while fostering sustainable production. With the resounding success and recognition garnered by the Energy Advisor for Manufacturing, we have accomplished this goal. It is through this remarkable solution that we enable organizations to embark upon their transformative journey, commencing with the vital and fundamental step of measuring and comprehending their current state. – Jakub Kaczynski, Portfolio Director, Industrial Solutions, TT PSC


We are delighted to see yet another success for our purple team and the appreciation of the Energy Advisor for Manufacturing solution!

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