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Agile project management

Discover the system that makes business both agile and scalable. Jira Align allows for agile project management in the most complex organisational structures. Improve your teams’ work by investing in project portfolio management software for the biggest players on the market. Jira Agile is a scalable solution supporting SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) methodology.

Jira Align – combines information about projects, improves workflow

  • Allows you to manage ALL areas of your business with the “agile” methodology.
  • It allows you to connect and track the workflow and relationships between different projects, teams and departments in real time.
  • It provides all the necessary tools for Project Managers.
  • It features advanced functionalities for managing very complex projects.
  • It is a great tool for monitoring work progress and analysing data in terms of meeting business objectives.

For the biggest players on the market

Jira Align is a gigantic piece of software created for corporations with complex, multi-level structures and processes. Manufacturers emphasise that this solution works best when you have multiple instances and interdependent projects and teams. Jira Align helps to centralise management and monitor progress. For companies with a less complex structure, Portfolio for Jira and BigPicture are recommended.

Jira Align – what you need to know:

  • This system is dedicated to companies with more than a thousand employees.
  • Jira Align allows you to combine multiple Jira instances within a company.
  • The program gives you a view of the full spectrum of projects.
  • The solution is compatible with Cloud and Server platforms.
Jira Align TTPSC

Manage your project portfolio, analyse results and meet business objectives


Your company is not a big corporation, but you are looking for a project management tool?
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Jira is a system with many possibilities. With the right add-ons, we will create an environment for your business to manage a portfolio of projects that can be hosted on a server and will not be as expensive and complex as Jira Align. We have experience in this area!

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