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Maintaining infrastructure in the cloud is a convenient and cost-effective solution for companies that have extensive systems, do not want to invest in their own server rooms, trust global suppliers more than local enterprises offering hosting and want the most modern and safest solutions. Transition Technologies PSC is an official partner of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – the largest providers of cloud solutions in the world. We provide our clients with the highest quality services and constant contact with specialists of the highest reputation not only in Poland, but also abroad.


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Jira Cloud or Jira in the public cloud?

In the case of Atlassian solutions, there are two cloud options. The first one is Jira Cloud offered by the Atlassian brand – a ready-made platform that the user can launch and start using very quickly. In this model, however, Jira has limited configuration options and it is very difficult to implement business solutions tailored to the specific needs of the company or industry. The choice of add-ons that are compatible with the platform is also limited.

Jira in the public cloud is a “server” version of the system, located on machines of suppliers such as AWS or Azure. This option enables advanced system configuration, custom development and continuous development of instances, and additionally has the advantages of using a public cloud. More about the advantages of this solution:

Public cloud – why is it so popular? Advantages:

  • Only the resources used are charged

The company only pays for the resources that it actually used. No more paying for resources that are not used – fees are charged on the basis of actual consumption only.

*In the traditional model, the level of server consumption is predicted in advance, which means that clients often have to pay more than they should based on their actual consumption.

  • Scalability

The amount of resources used changes with the needs of the company. Thanks to these two features, both the largest organisations and medium-sized companies can afford hosting in the public cloud.

  • Fault tolerance

If one machine fails during use, another will automatically replace it. Thanks to this, the company has the certainty of the continuous operation of its systems. Public cloud clients can use servers, databases, drives and other fail-safe resources. The data is properly secured.

  • Disaster Recovery

A service that ensures safety in the event of unforeseen events or natural disasters – the infrastructure can be restored on servers in a completely different place in the world. Thanks to Disaster Recovery, the company will return to operational efficiency very quickly.

  • High availability and global scale

This means that the provider guarantees non-interrupted access to the system by users and a lack of situations in which, for example, the data cannot be loaded or displayed. The client is always offered servers located as close to the end user as possible (e.g. if the company has branches in the US, India or any other area, hosting can be arranged so that there is a Data Centre environment in each location).

  • Agility

The cloud allows you to quickly create and remove resources. As a result, the time needed to create new environments is reduced from several days to even several minutes. The process is completed without intermediaries.

  • Flexibility

The ability of resources to “expand”. Companies do not have to worry that they will ever run out of “space” for their infrastructure. (This is important, for example, in the case of start-ups that initially operate in one location, and over time expand their activities to new areas and expand their offer).

  • Virtualisation

No need to create and manage expensive Data Centres. Public cloud clients can rent resources virtually, with full Internet access, within minutes (companies opting for AWS or Azure do not have to go anywhere; the service is delivered entirely on-line; no physical contact with specialists is required).

  • Customisation

The cloud solution can be fully adapted to the customer’s expectations. “Cloud” is a service that goes far beyond hosting – our specialists are both AWS and Azure certified, which means that they are vendor-verified experts who fully ensure the smooth operation of cloud environments, whereas certified Atlassian specialists provide comprehensive handling of the Jira system instance and add-ons.

A full range of services and qualified experts

Transition Technologies PSC is a partner of world leaders in the IT industry and provides comprehensive services in various areas of modern technologies. Thanks to this, we can offer very extensive activities and customers do not have to look for additional contractors.

One of our areas of activity is the “Cloud” department, which brings together certified specialists in both AWS and Microsoft Azure solutions. More information: https://ttpsc.com/en/cloud/

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