Atlassian Products

Work and business process automation in a company


Tools which make work easier

Atlassian is a producer of solutions which improve work quality in  thousands companies all over the world. All the products by Atlassian cooperate with Jira software, can work independently or might be combined with other, popular solutions.


  • Tested by hundreds of thousands users.

  • Cooperating with popular software.

  • Created as a response to particular needs.

  • Fully compatible with Jira software.

  • Perfect for team work.

  • Making process automation possible.


Business without technology has no chance for development

Functioning of modern companies is largely based on technology. Without software and tools making information flow between employees easier, companies work slower and less efficient than those which use advanced solutions. Atlassian is a brand which changes the face of businesses all over the world, really influencing the way market works. Currently, the lack of automation mechanisms is one of the biggest negligence and challenge in business.

Tomasz Pabich Project Manager in Transition Technologies

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  • License support for Atlassian Server systems will expire in February 2023
  • You can increase the number of Server license users till February 2nd 2022
  • Atlassian is focusing on Cloud and Data Center – do not wait! Plan migration by choosing one of those two options and be sure that you will be able to develop your infrastructures in future

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