Bamboo software by Atlassian Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

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Testing, integration and delivery

Bamboo is a tool for professional teams which develop software. The application is a solution of CI/CD type, which means that it enables constant integration of particular code elements and delivery of consequent ‘packages’, which are parts of a program. Bamboo is recognized mainly because of the possibility of branching workflows, options connected to deployment, solutions of REST API type, or automation mechanisms. Due to well-developed capabilities, Bamboo is much better evaluated than Jenkins – a leading solution of open source type.

Bamboo vs Jenkins
Bamboo cooperated with repositories:
  • logo git
  • logo mercurial
  • logo perforce
  • logo subversion
  • logo cvs

The integration of above mentioned software with Bamboo is fast and non-problematic – you don’t have to waste time with long lasting configuration. TT PSC, as a Platinum Partner of Atlassian, offers a full range of services connected to introduction of companies into Atlassian environment. If there is such a need, we perform and supervise all the necessary processes.

Bamboo – advanced functionalities

  • Automation of repetitive processes.
  • Code development, integration and compilation.
  • Possibility of making multi-step processes.
  • Performing tests.
  • Reporting the number and frequency of errors.
  • Implementation projects.
  • Integration with other Atlassian tools, possibility of development with another functionalities.

Bamboo + Jira Software + …

Bamboo makes application development faster and communication between employees easier, but at the same time with Jira Software, it provides developers with environment, where they can start and perform a complex process of creating, testing and releasing the product. Global concerns such as Showtime Networks or Furgo Networks use Bamboo. Join the biggest, even if your company is not (yet) a giant.

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All that your business needs

The offer of Atlassian tools makes it possible to combine different functionalities and to create consistent software corresponding to real companies’ needs. The wealth of products and a huge number of extras, make the choice difficult. TT PSC Atlassian team helps in choosing the right software for business and implementing it. Our work is multi-stage so that your company could improve your processes transferring them to the software that never fails.

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