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Platform for cooperation in developing code

Atlassian tools improves teamwork’s quality. Solutions which make it easier to manage projects, follow progress and changes in real time as well as communication, are especially important to IT industry. That is why the producer offers a group of products dedicated to teams which work developing software. One of flagships by Atlassian dedicated to work in DevOps teams (that means all the people who deal with developing software, from developers to operation teams) is Bitbucket. This application makes sharing code and work with its development comfortable, intuitive and brings about faster results.

Bitbucket – develop, follow, discuss:

  • Easy control of code version.
  • Possibility of creating and importing unlimited number of repositories.
  • Full code review.
  • „Branching” work into another paths.
  • Assigning people to tasks.
  • Visual list of all the requests (pull request) and changes (commits).
  • Configuring visible repository settings according to needs.
  • Intuitive operation and a wide range of managing functionalities.
  • Integration with Git and Atlassian tools.
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Even more, even better

Bitbucket + Jira Software + …

Create work environment where a developers’ team will take to it like a duck to water. Combination of Jira Software with tools like Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye gives a full scope of possibilities and functionalities necessary to create projects in big and smaller teams. Atlassian solutions can be integrated with each other in any configuration. Tell us what you need and we will choose the right tools for you. You don’t have to accept all of them!

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For small and big business

You’re running a startup, your company is developing fast, or maybe you’re the owner of a huge corporation? Atlassian tools can be customized to the needs of small and big teams. Because of flexible offer, we will match the number of licenses to the size of your company so that the cost does not overwhelm startups and minor entrepreneurs. We have also possibilities and solutions which will satisfy the biggest business leaders.

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If you are using Jira, other Atlassian systems or apps from Atlassian Marketplace in Server version:


From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.