Confluence from Atlassian to the Jira system or as an independent tool

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Documents, information and materials base

Full email inbox, mess in files, software breakdown and strenuous attempt to retrieve documents – Confluence is a solution for all of the problems. The software allows for content creating, storing, commenting, searching and editing.


The tool makes it possible to create your own pages and placing there, for example, files from the drive. A user chooses himself who and to what extent has access to the content. Confluence has a simple and clear layout as well as many practical functionalities.

Confluence – perfect for team work

  • Creating pages and subpages similar to blog posts.
  • Easy editing and following content changes.
  • Giving access or restrictions – e.g. only to your team/department.
  • Templates making content design easier.
  • Information update in real time.
  • Possibility of commenting and marking users.
  • Putting files from the drive (pictures, movies, text documents, spreadsheets – whatever you want!).
  • Adding links.
  • Easy content organization.
  • Full integration with other Atlassian tools.
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Confluence + Jira = great work and content organization

Planning, assigning tasks and following progress of a project is a Jira software’s domain. Confluence is a place where employees can create and share content – notes from meetings, conspectus, plan descriptions or information concerning current events. In combination with Jira software, it gets coherent environment where it can not only organize work, but also create and store different type of content. Because of integration of those two solutions, employees can e.g. place in Jira links to pages created in Confluence, which contains information and documentation concerning particular issue; as well as they can place in Confluence a link which will generate status and summary of a task related to Jira.

Confluence w firmie, baza wiedzy dla firm, program do dzielenia się dokumentami

We have got everything your business needs

Together or maybe separately? Jira or Confluence first? Or maybe an extra will be necessary to supplement the software functionalities? How much does it cost and will the implementation be easy or complicated? What is more, will all employees learn fast to use the software?


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