Crowd - Single Sign On (SSO) to Jira and other Atlassian applications

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Crowd for companies, SSO tools, tools for log with one credentials,
Easier logging on

Crowd is a solution for companies which work in Atlassian environment and their employees struggle with problems of logging on to every tool individually. Owing to Crowd solution, it is possible to centralize identity management (so called single sign-on – SSO) – each employee uses only one login and password to get access to all the applications. Crowd allows managing and administrating all the users and groups from one place, in order to avoid any problems with access to resources at the level of all the applications. The applications automatically synchronize with central base after changes in any application. That is extremely helpful, especially in case of managing a huge number of users and applications.

Crowd cooperates with bases:
  • logo microsoft active directory
  • logo microsoft azure active directory
  • logo ldap
  • logo openLDAP
Easier data administration
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to all applications.
  • Easy management of user bases.
  • User groups management.
  • Automation mechanisms unburdening administrators.
  • Access to changelogs configuration.
  • Possibility of reporting.
  • Full data security.
  • Crowd Data Center – reliability guaranteed.
Integration of all the Atlassian tools

Crowd integrates data from all the tools from Atlassian environment. This is a solution for companies which use Jira software and other solutions by this brand. User base management, giving access or change control become much easier because of the application. The main functionality of the program is single sign-on (SSO) to all the tools which together create work environment of a given business. Because Crowd is a critical tool (without it, a company cannot use the application for its processes management,) it is offered in such a way to minimize the risk of lack of access. We encourage you to contact us – we will explain everything to you!

Crowd Data Center
guarantee of reliability

Improve your company's efficiency

The right choice of tools for a company’s needs requires expertise and great knowledge of business processes which they have to face. There is a need for close cooperation of TT PSC specialists with a client – we ask many questions, perform a thorough analysis, prepare demonstration and test versions. We are in constant touch with a client and that is why good relationships are so important to us. We can explain IT jargon so that everything could be clear and understandable. You can rely on us.

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If you are using Jira, other Atlassian systems or apps from Atlassian Marketplace in Server version:


From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.