Fisheye by Atlassian. follow a code in i.a. Git, SVN, Perforce

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Fisheye in company, Fisheye with Jira

Easier work with a code

Fisheye is a tool supplementing Jira Software’s functionalities – developer’s work environment. Along with Crucible tool, it allows for full code management, makes multi-stage work with developed projects easier, accelerates the process of correcting particular code parts and contributes to improvement in application development process. That’s the end of narrowing tired eyes, permanent staring at screen and forceful looking for errors or subtle differences between versions. Fisheye underlines, highlights and marks with colors values which are defined by a user. Identifying errors or looking for information such as code’s author and version, or changes in a bar and so on, are getting easier.

Fisheye cooperates with repositories:
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  • logo mercurial
  • logo perforce
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  • logo cvs

Fisheye – better visibility:

  • Easier search for code bars.
  • Highlighting chosen values.
  • Visualization of introduced changes (path, graphs, activity streams).
  • Creating reports with code bar changes.
  • Picture presentation of changelogs.
  • Following work progress.
  • Full integration with other Atlassian tools, i.a.: Jira Software, Crucible.
Fisheye screen

Fisheye + Jira Software + Crucible = effective work with a code

Don’t allow for the situation when developing software work gets longer and longer because of unarranged activities, lack of communication in a team or inefficient solutions. Jira Software combined with chosen Atlassian tools creates consistent work environment which can be customized to the size and needs of a company. Atlassian software is flexible, intuitive and most of all well-proven by hundreds of thousand users all over the world.

Faster work and better results
we will adjust tools to the needs of your business


Fluent workflow

Fisheye is one of Atlassian tools dedicated to teamwork. Because of integration with Jira Software, it allows for changes monitoring and effortless reviewing of particular code parts as well as for visualization of introduced changes. It gives full freedom of communication with other employees – it’s enough to mark a desired person in a comment (you don’t have to send emails with redirection to a thread). All the Atlassian solutions improve the quality of sharing information and make group work management easier when projects consist of many tasks. TT PSC Atlassian specialists customize solutions according to the client’s needs – the offers are individually formulated on the basis of business analysis. We also supervise the process of tools’ implementation in companies.

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