Why us

Wide access to IT specialists in Poland through office network (13 offices) & relationships with Universities in all biggest cities.

Our company in numbers
  • 400

    specialists in Transition Technologies PSC

  • 2000

    specialists in Transition Technologies capital group

  • 3000

    specialists available within TT PSC partner network

  • ikona grupa ludzi
    R&D experience

    our products & infrastructure augmenting our customer’s R&D departments

  • ikona marker maps
    100% Polish private capital

    but all our long term and strategic customers come from Europe, US & Canada

  • ikona tarczy

    customer IP protection, non-competitive approach, employee checks

  • ikona strzałki w kółku
    Agility in team ramp up

    i.e. 3 Scrum teams for public health sector in 1 month

  • ikona check
    Flexibility of our employees

    is a flexibility for our customers (trainings, laptops only, home office, VPN, working hours)

What is R&D Augumentation?
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    01 Problem

    Uncertainty of allowing external company co-diving your R&D product development and technology strategic decision. Slow pace in software development. Moving from standardsoftware outsourcing to joint R&D cooperation.

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    02 Business Value

    Fast & secure capacity augmentation of your R&D department with experienced IT specialists’ teams located in Poland. Fully integrated with your infrastructure, domainexperience and internal process.

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    03 Cost Optimized Solution

    No need to scale your Management, HR, IT & Administration to grow your R&D. No additional office space needed, software licenses or hardware. High cost of keeping educated, innovative, experience and motivated software engineers n an extreme technology changing pace moved to the trusted Partner.

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    04 Secured approach

    Protection of your IP - you own it always. Employee security checks. Non-competitive approach. Non-disclosure.

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    05 Technology guidance

    Continuous readiness to advice in the technology direction and fast prototyping co-responsibility in defining your roadmap.

Outsourcing and R&D Augmentation

Transition Technologies PSC means experts who work on a daily basis with global brands, supporting them in product, infrastructure or advanced technology development. Our teams enhance work of both Polish and foreign companies which recognize a huge advantage of the fact that Poland (the country where we operate) is a member of The European Union; a country which keeps western standards and work quality in cooperation with clients.

mapa europy
Why nearshoring

Transferring business processes abroad is a fact, and this solution has already been used by most of big and medium size companies. According to report ''2017 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location IndexTM'', from a business point of view, Poland is one of the most attractive countries offering IT outsourcing service. Several factors contribute to the situation: well-qualified experts, easy communication in English, attractive financial conditions, high work quality as well as possibilities of establishing long-term business relationships.

Experienced Programmers

Polish software houses give their dev teams a chance to work with some of the world’s best IT companies, and in multicultural environments. Polish developers regularly take high positions in international coding competitions.

First Class Education

70.6K, it’s a number of IT students in the academic year 2013/2014 according to GUS (Central Statistical Office in Poland). Polish tech universities graduate over 15.000 new specialists annually.

Small Culture Gap

You shouldn’t be afraid of communication problems – English is a standard in Polish schools, also, a lot of software houses provide English courses to their teams.

Low costs

Polish development teams have a lot to offer because of the lowest labor costs within the European Union. You can find and hire highly experienced Polish developers.


Outsourcing to Poland from the UK or Germany means practically no time zone differences because it’s just one hour (or none). So, when it comes to nearshoring, all works can be organized in the same way, which streamlines the development process.

Download the report about nearshoring In the report, you can find answers to the questions:
  • You will find the answer to the question: Why Poland is the best country at IT outsourcing service?
  • You will find out detailed data concerning Poland's strong position in the Outsourcing market.
  • You will learn why Polish developers take the best places in international coding contests.
  • You will discover the advantages resulting from cooperation with a Polish company which in located in Central Europe.
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Find out about cooperation models
R&D Staff augmentation
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    Suggested pricing models:

    Hourly or monthly rates per specialist

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    Suggested duration:

    Short term

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    Individual specialists are provided to Customer teams organization and work under Customer supervision

R&D Dedicated Team
  • icon percent
    Suggested pricing models:

    Monthly rates per specialist. Quarterly rates with utilization levels

  • icon clock
    Suggested duration:

    Long term (at least quarter ahead)

  • icon clock

    Customer manages backlog & organizes work. We manage team & people.

Managed R&D Service
  • icon percent
    Suggested pricing models:

    Monthly rate per service depending on capacity

  • icon clock
    Suggested duration:

    Long term (at least quarter ahead)

  • icon clock

    We maintain and ensure continuous operations (according to Service Level Agreement & Key Performance Indicators) of:

    • Software Product or its module
    • Group of Software Products or
    • Service offered by Customer R&D Organization
Joined R&D
  • icon percent
    Suggested pricing models:

    Fixed price or monthly rates with shared profits. Monthly rate per service depending on capacity. Quarterly rates with utilization levels

  • icon clock
    Suggested duration:

    Depends on project size

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    We run shared R&D teams and joined new product development

    • Shared and secured IP
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Close cooperation with R&D, technology guidance, software development.
R&D Guidance Level of cooperation *Click on the figure
chart R&D Staff
R&D Dedicated
Managed R&D
Joined R&D
Certified technical partnership

We are already 28 years old, we are still not planning a parting, and we have been connected with PTC for 13 years. For such a long time, we did not have to look at contracts as the power of a successful relationship is that the parties do not have to check on each other because they know that Fair Play rules are simply indisputable.

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Our technologies and Expertise
Front - End
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
Dev Ops
  • Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Jenkins/Bamboo
Back - End
  • Java, Soring, Hibemate
  • .NET
  • C++
  • Node.js
  • SQL/noSQL
Quality Assurance
  • Automtion testing
  • Manual testing
  • Security testing
  • Mobile testing
  • UX/UI
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • MobileApps
  • SAP Software
  • Solutions
  • Security
  • Salesforce
Our offices
map of Poland
TT Group’s offices TT PSC’s offices
Why us?
  • long-term relationships with our partners, who use our services
  • 95% of our team are engineers
  • cultural proximity with foreign companies and willingness to take on global challenges
  • consulting our partners in their R&D activities

We are a bit like a guide through the Himalayas. We evaluate the route and overcome it together, and trust is born itself.

Case studies

We deliver software development services for international enterprises. Our cooperation with them is growing dynamically every year. Get to know some of the projects our passionate developers have implemented.

We bring innovation to help our Customers, allowing for maximization of benefits from software solutions’ implementation. I declare that I have familiarized myself with the information about the administrator and the way of data processing.

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They trusted us
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