Transition Technologies PSC wins HR Dream Team main award

The internal Women in Power (WiP) initiative won the grand prize in the HR Dream Team competition organized by in the “Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement” category for companies sized between 250 and 1,000 employees.


The contest has been organized for almost a decade to appreciate human resources initiatives in Polish companies. The edition organized in 2022 was packed with a huge number of entries. The organizer recorded more than 160 of them, with as many as 77 in the “Organizational Culture and Employee Involvement” category.


The award is a confirmation of the right path we have taken. Respecting differences and seeing the potential in diversity, has many more dimensions. Gender is just one of them. The Women in Power initiative is on a mission to provide tools and inspiration for self-development, self-confidence and confidence in one’s own competence; to build one’s own strong personal brand. Thanks to the support and involvement of the initiative, the percentage of women in managerial positions in the Company is increasing, and additionally this translates into an increase in the employment of women in the organization. – says Anna Wdowiak, Chief People Officer and co-founder of WiP.


Transition Technologies PSC reported on its internal WiP initiative, which is designed to help, build confidence and support the development of women employees of TT PSC on their career path. Over time, WiP expanded its activities to enable women from outside the organization (wives, partners, etc. of TT PSC employees) to enter the IT industry as well. To this end, several months of workshops were organized to prepare for work in the IT industry, along with employment opportunities.


Women in Power is an initiative that was created to provide TT PSC’s female employees with inspiration and tools to build confidence, support their professional development, and enable them to share their experiences – both with each other and with external experts. We want women at TT PSC to know how much influence they have in the company, to not be afraid to face challenges and to aspire to leadership positions. The Women in Power project motivates women and gives them the space to realize their full potential. – says Aleksandra Grzelak, Project Workforce Director, one of the founders of WiP.


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