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Only the combination of right different source systems and the correlation of the data drived from them, ensures that the right data is delivered at the right moment to the right user roles in need.

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Industrial connectivity

Automate your industrial processes by connecting different data sources. Manage, monitor data from all your applications and automation devices through one intuitive interface.

Intelligent devices

Let your devices do the work for you. The connectivity of intelligent devices allows for control, giving high reliability and real-time monitoring.

3rd Party systems

Solve problems with incompatibility of the third party integration systems and your product interface.

_Check possibilities to connectivity and integration the way you need

Check possibilities to connectivity and integration the way you need
Integrations with external systems
Software system is nothing without the data.

Usually, this data is stored in external sources, available through various suite of protocols and SDKs. We are able to integrate with these systems, as long as they provide public API, such as REST API, SDK libraries, JDBC connectors.

Business process modeling and automation
A lot of manual processes in the everyday operations can be overwhelming. Automate your business processes, make them faster, less error-prone, with only manual inputs when really required.

We can provide automation make repeatable, day-to-day tasks less burdensome thanks to using broad set of tools and products, including but not limited to PTC’s ThingWorx Flow or Microsoft Power Automate.

Data brokers
Modern software solutions, especially IoT applications rely heavily on big data and can generate high traffic of telemetric data.

One of the ways to provide enough scalability and through put is to use fast messaging platforms and protocols. That provides required level of reliability, such as MQTT, AMQP, JMS, which can constitute Enterprise / Manufacturing Service Bus components. Contact us to talk about your needs.

Data storage
With PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle take full advantage of relational databases by securely storing static relational data.

Use database engine capabilities to accelerate aggregation and create PSQL reports. With InfluxDB you will be able to handle and monitor in real-time the myriad of data sources generated by sensors, applications and infrastructure. Perform analysis, track, sample, aggregate data, and measure changes over time with time-series-aware queries.
And ADL (Azure Data Lake) will take the hassle out of retrieving and storing data. Seamless integration with operational warehouses and data warehouses will prove invaluable.
Through CosmosDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB you will increase performance through flexible indexing and easily manage thousands of attributes. Get high availability and automatic and immediate scalability.
You will find all this in our data storage offer.

Business Intelligence
The integration of data from multiple sources is a huge challenge, not only in terms of technology, but also in business.

By providing a unified view of data, Business Intelligence enables analysts to gather more valuable information for more accurate evaluation without fear of being overwhelmed by large amounts of data. Business Intelligence focuses on the description of the present and the past to help you make strategic decisions in the future. We based on PowerBI, FactoryTalk DataView.

Software Content Management
ThingWorx based or custom solutions. Update configuration and software or send calibration profiles to hundreds or thousands of assets with ease. Automatically update records about the new version of software.

Automate the manually-intensive and error prone process of distributing and installing new software to assets.
Easily create, manage, test and deploy packages to assets in control. Review, get notified and approve software packages before deployment.

Distributed streaming and processing
With the Kafka tool derive real-time ingestion, processing, and analysis of events. Transform and enrich events for monitoring, alerting and improved operational efficiency.

Automate the collection of data from various parts of the organization for ingestion into data layer. Analyze events and make actions to drive smarter decisions. Support high concurrency and scaling for millions of request per minute. Based on Hadoop, cloud solutions/services enable business value with real-time data processing and analysis. Make decisions based on data leveraging analytics. Improve customer experience, security, quality and performance thanks to telemetry. Distribute processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models

PLM Systems Integrations
Enterprise system integrations are natural for almost every PLM implementation.

They are often technically difficult and require a great deal of experience so that this integration is successful. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with PTC, we provide solutions such as Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration (Windchill ESI). TT PSC has extensive experience in both ESI and ERPConnector-based integration development. We also feel strong in solutions based on: Thingworx Flow, Thingworx Navigate, Webservices (REST / OData) or OSLC. Some more sophisticated integration approaches include using Apache Kafka or one of more classical JMS message brokers.

Kepware installation, configuration and optimization
Kepware – one of the most popular OPC servers on the market. Kepware allows you to control various automation devices and applications using one very intuitive interface.

It enables data distribution in industrial automation systems, placing great emphasis on reliability, speed and flexibility of operations. Additionally, it optimizes communication and reduces the load on networks and devices. We offer you a full service package from installation, configuration, consulting, troubleshooting, auditing, security and protocols integration – all about PTC’s Industrial Connectivity – Kepware product, working as an Industrial Internet of Things Communication Platform.

Cloud IoT Connectivity
Azure IoT Hub, AWS Device Gateway and other cloud services relevant to exchanging the data and management of devices for your solution.

Especially important when having a fleet of devices distributed across the globe. Securely process and transmit data from various locations around the world.

Custom connectors and agents creation
Sometimes using off-the-shelf solutions provided by other vendors is just not enough, not fitting your specific use case, infrastructure or other characteristics.

In such cases, one of the possible approaches is creation of custom solution for connecting external sources of data using industrial communication protocols, custom API and/or low-level communication.
You can always consult your case with us.

Communication protocols
When creating own solution and going to connect to devices, machines or systems, usually you have a broad possibilities of using various communication/transportation protocols, libraries, approaches.

You need to pick a right one in order to provide security, scalability and robustness of the final solution. There is no one solution that fits all cases. That is why we can help you in selecting the best set of protocols to use for specific use case.

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