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  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Lack of specialized programmers




  • Increased operational efficiency
  • System stability

About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a prominent supplier of video management software that operates on an open platform. Their software allows seamless integration with a wide range of cameras available in the industry, as well as top-notch business solutions.

The company was founded in 1998 and has regional offices on a few continents and sales representatives in more than 25 countries. Its head office is currently located in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. Milestone System is a part of Canon Group.

Project background, business challenges and needs 

Milestone Systems faced challenges in finding and retaining local Danish Salesforce developers, leading to operational inefficiencies and hindering the growth of their Salesforce platform. To address these issues, Milestone Systems partnered with Transition Technologies, a trusted technology service provider specializing in Salesforce, to provide comprehensive support and maintenance services.

Transition Technologies collaborated closely with Milestone Systems to understand their unique pain points and requirements. Recognizing the scarcity of local Danish Salesforce talent, Transition Technologies took the responsibility of staffing a dedicated team of skilled Salesforce developers, ensuring seamless support and evolution of Milestone Systems’ Salesforce environment.


Addressing Talent Scarcity

Transition Technologies’ ability to address the talent scarcity challenge was instrumental in enabling Milestone Systems to overcome their business pains. By leveraging their extensive network and expertise in Salesforce, Transition Technologies successfully recruited and retained a highly skilled team of Salesforce developers who were able to meet Milestone Systems’ specific requirements and deliver exceptional services.

Evolution of Salesforce Environment

Transition Technologies  played a pivotal role in evolving Milestone Systems’ Salesforce environment over the five-year engagement. They facilitated the implementation of best practices, conducted system audits, and made recommendations for enhancements and customizations. This proactive approach ensured that Milestone Systems’ Salesforce platform aligned seamlessly with their evolving business needs and provided a solid foundation for future growth.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

Transition Technologies provided Milestone Systems with comprehensive support and maintenance services for their Salesforce platform throughout the duration of the contract. Key aspects of these services included:

  • Incident management and ticket resolution: Transition Technologies ensured prompt resolution of issues within agreed service level agreements (SLAs), minimizing disruptions and maximizing system uptime.
  • Proactive system monitoring and preventive maintenance: Regular monitoring and proactive maintenance activities were conducted to identify and resolve potential issues before they impacted operations, enhancing system stability and performance.
  • Continuous system enhancements and integrations: Transition Technologies collaborated with Milestone Systems to identify opportunities for system improvements, customizations, and integrations with third-party applications, enabling them to leverage the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

technology stack at Comprehensive Salesforce Support for Milestone Systems from Transition Technologies PSC


The long-term partnership between Milestone Systems and Transition Technologies yielded significant results and benefits, including:

  • Access to skilled Salesforce developers: Transition Technologies successfully addressed the talent scarcity challenge by staffing a team of highly skilled Salesforce developers, ensuring consistent support and development capabilities for Milestone Systems.
  • Increased operational efficiency: By providing comprehensive support and maintenance services, Transition Technologies helped Milestone Systems streamline their Salesforce processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced system stability and performance: Proactive monitoring, preventive maintenance, and regular updates ensured a stable and high-performing Salesforce environment, minimizing system downtime and optimizing user experience.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Transition Technologies’ expertise allowed Milestone Systems to scale their Salesforce platform seamlessly, accommodating their growth.

Comprehensive Salesforce Support for Milestone Systems from Transition Technologies PSC, success story

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