_Expertise in Augmented Reality for Enhanced Automotive Maintenance Efficiency




  • Process management
  • Information management




  • Simple documentation with Skillworx
  • Live AR instructions


For an international technology company from the automotive industry, TT PSC has ensured through the development of an augmented reality (AR) solution that necessary information for machine guidance & maintenance can be prepared in a comprehensible way and easily used on site via tablet/smartphone.

Business challenge

  • The extensive know-how for the complex production processes as well as for the operation and maintenance of different plants and machines must be sustainably secured and made available. #knowledgemanagement
  • The necessary knowledge should be distributed as efficiently as possible and be as easy to apply as possible. #useability
  • Corresponding AR modules are created by employees in production with a great deal of time and corresponding training time. #simplicity

Our solution

  • On the basis of Skillworx, TT PSC has developed a user interface and adapted it to the individual requirements of the client, so direct content authors, offering features:
    • 3D models of machines can be uploaded easily,
    • instructions and process descriptions for these machines can be created with just a few clicks and
    • individual process steps can be supplemented with additional images, videos, and documents.
  • Via Vuforia Experience, machine operators and plant operators can call up the AR-based instructions on their tablets or other mobile devices.
  • The camera of the end device records the machine in the background, and the corresponding machine parts are then colored and animated on the screen to match the respective process step.

Main results and advantages

  • Operating & maintenance manuals can be created in a few easy steps without programming codes. This simplifies the retention of expert knowledge within the company.
  • Content can be displayed to users in the factory directly during on-site maintenance in the production hall or at home for training purposes.
  • Depending on the intended use, different contents can be displayed.
  • The induction of new employees can take place interactively and independent of location.
  • Service personnel no longer have to resort to pure PDFs or even paper-print instructions for maintenance but can call up all information simply and in a user-friendly way via AR on the mobile end device.

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