_IoT team outsourcing – resourcing solution on the EMS


Energy Sector


  • Manual production reports
  • Minimizing downtime on the production line
  • Real-time access to data




  • Reduced production data collection time by 80%
  • Faster access to data
  • Improved quality processes

How Capula took advantage of the flexible IoT resourcing solution provided by TT PSC on the Energy Monitoring System (EMS)

Capula – Capula – experts in digital transformation, industrial control and

Capula is a leading digital technology provider for industrial control and automation. Specializing in the delivery of advanced operational technology solutions, Capula enables its customers to safely operate and control some of the most strategically important facilities in the UK. Owned by Imtech and part of the larger EDF Group, Capula has delivered a number of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that typically support asset digitalization and industrial operational technology programmes.

To further support Capula with the application of IoT and Industry 4.0 journey principles, they identified the need to strengthen their development team with IoT specialists to support the delivery of such projects.


Capula is continually working on the development of new solutions in the energy sector. Due to the rapidly changing nature of work, it was important to find ways to scale development. To meet software development needs and stay ahead of the competition. The need to reorganize the development team and strengthen its capabilities with additional skills, supporting work at each stage of the development cycle, was identified. Capula was looking to establish a relationship with a resourcing partner with the right blend of technical knowledge. Also with skills to add flexibility to its team and help support project delivery.


Capula set out to look for a trusted partner with proven experience in development using the PTC ThingWorx platform to enhance the Energy Monitoring System. The company chose ThingWorx as a base IoT platform as it had already been used successfully in previous projects. Capula recognized that its biggest challenge was to build a team with the right
competencies and experience.

Solution – IoT team outsourcing

In 2018 Capula approached Transition Technologies PSC (TTPSC), to help scale and grow their IoT development capabilities on the EMS project. TTPSC’s IoT outsourcing solution gave Capula access to a comprehensive suite of qualified and experienced experts: in this case Solutions Architect, IoT Specialists, QA Testers and DevOps. Specialists were quickly embedded into the team to provide proactive expertise to support the development of products, projects and capabilities.

IoT team outsourcing- resourcing solution on the EMS


TTPSC helped with recruiting, onboarding and establishing a great working environment; supplementing Capula’s own internal resources. This approach allowed for greater skills transfer, with the team being kept up to date with the latest IoT techniques and approaches. The transfer of knowledge enabled Capula employees to become independent in maintaining and further developing the IoT applications. Also eliminating the need for additional recruitment, and further reducing project costs.


“Working with TTPSC for us is about trust and experience. TTPSC have been able to quickly establish themselves within projects and the experience and depth of skills they provide, have allowed to deliver more effectively. Our colleagues at TTPSC have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.”

– Noel Thethy, Product Owner – R&D

Results IoT team outsourcing

The collaboration has been very successful. TTPSC enabled Capula to flexibly scale and grow project teams, and provided key input into internal processes, such as solution architecture and DevOps.

Helping Capula to fast track the development of its energy monitoring solution, and further its demand-side response solution.  TTPSC have continued to support many key research and development activities.

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