_Improving processes and communication at Solaris Bus & Coach




  • Process optimization
  • Request management
  • Improving communication
  • Change management




  • Process standarization
  • Better comunication
  • Scalability

Management of reported items, changes and tasks for Solaris Bus & Coach

Solaris Bus & Coach is a European leader in the production of buses and trolleybuses with nearly 30 years of experience. Solaris Bus & Coach vehicles are used worldwide as public transportation; the company has produced more than 23,000 of them, winning numerous awards for quality and innovation.

TT PSC has been working with Solaris Bus & Coach to develop Atlassian systems in business areas since 2017. Solaris Bus & Coach provides products of the highest quality and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction with its services. This applies not only to the technological or production area but also to the company’s internal processes; these also translate into high quality, of which Solaris Bus & Coach’s contractors are the recipients. The client decided to increase the efficiency of processes supporting service delivery, including change management. The process encompasses all activities related to the handover of a vehicle: from the moment the bus leaves the production line to its acceptance by the customer.

Challenges and Needs

Solaris Bus & Coach is growing rapidly, making it a priority to maintain the highest standards in both production and business processes. The company decided to go a step ahead and prepare its own processes for scalability. Until now, it has mainly used email and shared documents for communication and data transfer to carry out various activities.

After analysis, it was decided that improvements such as:

  • Request record keeping.
  • Tracking the progress of requests.
  • Improving communication between process participants who represent more than 10 different roles from business, manufacturing and technology.
  • Creating reports and statistics that are the basis for decision-making.
  • Analyzing the process and identifying its bottlenecks for potential improvement.
  • Reducing the procedural time for vehicle acceptance.
  • Automation of manual activities, including double entry of data.

Delivered solution and workflow

Solaris Bus & Coach uses the provided solution to handle tasks submitted by both external partners and service technicians, as well as those identified internally. The system allows these requests to be processed following the organization’s established procedures, processes and business rules.


The project began with an analysis workshop that led to the creation of business documentation and solution architecture. The client aimed to automate processes as much as possible to free up time for more important tasks. TT PSC recommended improvements and automation, covering both new and existing processes. During configuration and implementation, the two parties worked closely together, adapting the solution to changing business conditions


In addition, the new solution has been integrated with the existing software manufacturing process previously prepared by TT PSC. This crucial combination of processes strengthens the efficiency of the organization as they interact with each other.

The project uses Atlassian technology with:

And developer solutions related to system integrations with third-party applications.


  • The company has a single tool for handling requests, and work with them is organized and standardized.
  • Communication between the company’s many departments has been streamlined and is fully transparent.
  • Reports and statistics provide reliable information on the progress of work, the workload of technical teams, the nature of requests and their scale, improving decision-making processes
  • Taskers have a quick view of contracts and contracted vehicle data without having to switch between systems.

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