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  • Improving efficiency
  • Data visibility
  • Sustainability compliance


IoT, Cloud


  • Integrating the Windchill/CREO environment
  • Implementation of Windchill/CREO for data management
  • Sustainable operations and infrastructure development

Plannet Innovation, Thingworx - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSCPlannet Innovation - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC

Plannet Innovation pty ltd

Planet Innovation exists to develop and commercialize products that have a positive impact on the world. The company provides technology innovation, product development and commercialization expertise to companies around the world and focus on the biomedical, clean-tech and hi-tech industries. It is based in Melbourne, Australia also operate out of Chicago and has clients located all around the world, include established product companies and entrepreneurial start-ups. The company’s clients include three of the world’s top 10 biotech companies. In addition to developing products for its clients PI also develop and launch their own products and platforms, which vary from re-usable hardware and software modules, to technology platforms, through to commercially available products.

Challenges and Needs

Planet Innovation works together with Genea Biomedx and Merck Group to provide a holistic solution to many fertility clinics and labs, which always aims to o deliver the best outcomes for the patients. One of the most important component is Genea’s Geri Connected Server. This product connects with multiple incubation devices and monitors the most crucial aspects of the whole process – incubation and verification. The grate need for innovative improvement occurred, due to the constant need for the field service technician to maintain, monitor and keep this critical Geri Servers fully functional at all time. Transition Technologies PSC was invited to use its unique skills and experience and provide an innovative solution for service personnel to remotely monitor and troubleshoot Geri incubators and Geri Connect servers installed in the field, which Improves overall customer satisfaction with more accurate troubleshooting, reduced instrument downtimes and remote service when appropriate.

Implemented Solution

Transition Technologies PSC build an unique Remote Service Management cloud application on the top of PTC ThingWorx platform. This solution is designed to keep high security and restrictions at all levels to ensure safety of the patients data records, while working remotely with fully accessible multiple Geri Servers and Incubator devices. This allows technical experts to access, monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose the individual devices remotely at any time using the ergonomic and easy to use web application build on the top of cutting edge Internet of Things platform hosted in PTC Cloud infrastructure.


Plannet Innovation, ThingWorx Asset Manager - Case Study. Transition Technologies PSC


The field service technicians can provide high quality, effective maintenance services to many different clinics and labs all over the word at the same time, which also spares a lot of onsite visits and allows to expand the business and increase profitability. The application introduced by Transition Technologies PSC met the customer requirements, including very strict cybersecurity standards for remote data access.

Transition Technologies PSC team has done a great job working to define the product specification, accommodate the needs of many different stakeholders and produce a product for Planet Innovation.
– comment from Mr. Sam Gason the Project Manager from Planet Innovation pty ltd.

Transition Technologies PSC is a member of the Transition Technologies holding, a Polish softwarehouse. Since 1991 TT is developing software systems and modern technical solutions for national and international Customers. Transition Technologies PSC specializes in creation IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, especially Connected Product Lifecycle Management software and industrial exploitation of the newest Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, allowing our Customers to implement the concent of Industry of the Future (also called Industry 4.0).

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