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  • Migration of PLM system
  • Cost optimization
  • Flexible digital solution tailored to customer needs


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  • Increase in profitability
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuity of operations

About SEG Automotive

Mobility started as early as 1914 with SEG Automotive. Formed in 2018 from the BOSCH Starter Motors & Generators business unit, the company stands for over 100 years of innovation: from starters and alternators to start/stop and mild hybridization to flexible solutions for e-drives. The global supplier’s products currently power over 300 million vehicles. Driven by the vision, “We are the motor – for the mobility of today and tomorrow,” SEG Automotive is reducing emissions across all powertrain technologies and driving the transformation to sustainable, electrified mobility.

Almost all automotive manufacturers worldwide rely on SEG Automotive’s global production network to deliver high-performance, durable and competitive products with consistent quality standards. This global strength is based on an intercultural team of around 7,000 employees in 14 countries in the world’s most important automotive markets.

Project background

After splitting the structures of a huge corporation, it was crucial for SEG Automotive to create an independent, strong and reliable digital infrastructure in a very short time. This required replacing the previous ERP system and migrating the PLM system to the cloud. The goal of these activities is to lay the groundwork for a digital transformation in which further technology solutions can be integrated into systems and platforms.


Following the changes in SEG Automotive’s structures, the digital solution needed to be efficient and agile to respond to changing requirements at any time. Once detached from the group’s structures, it was necessary to ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to an independent IT infrastructure.

In order to meet the time requirements, it was necessary to simultaneously replace the ERP system and introduce a PLM system in the cloud. Moreover, it was extremely important to migrate to a modern and efficient PLM system quickly and securely.

Throughout the replacement and migration process and during ongoing operation, it was essential for SEG Automotive to ensure calculable costs combined with resource savings during system implementation and rollout, so that the company could focus on the most important business processes for restructuring.

Our solution

The cloud-based Windchill ensures a central “single source of truth” for shared data and content. Access control for projects and folders, like the infrastructure itself, is dynamically scalable and can be adapted to business requirements. Sharing product configurations with extended teams and partners helps streamline workflows across the global infrastructure.

By migrating to the cloud, the IT structure has been significantly optimized. On the other hand, it has laid the groundwork for further steps on the path of digital transformation. Starting with Windchill’s cloud-based system, it is possible to integrate data eBOM and mBOM, to ensure continuous BOM management throughout the product lifecycle.

The economic effect for SEG Automotive

The rapid implementation of the cloud migration enabled SEG Automotive to continue its independent business without downtime after separating from a large corporation.

By leveraging the cloud and TT PSC’s related maintenance, management, and support services, SEG Automotive is saving valuable resources spent on IT infrastructure support, which can be reallocated profitably to the company’s core business areas.




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