_US Energy Provider Optimizes Operational Data and UI with ThingWorx IoT Platform


Energy Sector


  • Data integration and security
  • Precise dashboards for web browsers
  • Platform for data integration and mobile applications




  • Operational data optimization

About the customer

US energy provider specializing in innovative energy solutions.

  • 200+ facilities,
  • 25+ years’ experience,
  • 250+ US employees.


The energy provider collected field system data but faced the challenge of lacking a means to share it efficiently with their customers. TT PSC and Rockwell Automation identified the energy provider’s needs for a solution that could:

  • Enable data integration from multiple sources including historians and live PLC data.
  • Enable detailed dashboards to present live and historical data via standard web browser.
  • Limit customer access to only data from their own systems by secure user login.
  • Support field systems with different mixes of equipment types.
  • Provide a platform for future data integration and mobile applications.


The energy provider selected TT PSC to implement the solution based on the ThingWorx IoT platform. Solution elements included:

  • Detailed dashboards with over 200 live values and drill-down screens provide real-time equipment status and historical trend charts for easy monitoring and analysis.
  • Alarm displays for operational events of the equipment.
  • Access via standard web browsers for viewing on any laptop or mobile device.
  • Data collection from FactoryTalk Historian, FT Linx Gateway, and SQL database.
  • Hosting in Azure cloud.


Through harnessing the power of the ThingWorx IoT platform, this project implementation achieved a solution that produced the following outcomes:

  • Elevated brand consistency and identity on the dashboard.
  • Enriched user experience and enhanced data visualization.
  • Improved user satisfaction.
  • Boosted user productivity.


With the goal of delivering its customers with a real-time self-service dashboard showing equipment status, the client turned to Transition Technologies PSC (TT USA) to lead the seamless integration of ThingWorx IoT platform to existing data sources.

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