_Jira implementation for Vienna Insurance Group IT department




  • Scalable and easy-to-use service desk ticket management system
  • Integration of Jira Service Management with an existing Jira Software instance




  • Implementation of an intuitive Customer Portal for employees across the VIG Group
  • Long-term cooperation related to technical support

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) - Case Studies. Transition Technologies PSC

About company:

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is a leading enterprise in insurance sector, performing business mostly in Austria and Middle-Eastern Europe. It consists of around 50 companies based in 25 countries. It is an enterprise with a long history, owning strong brands and putting much interest into its relationship with the customer. 190 years of experience in the insurance market is the foundation for VIG’s operations. Vienna Insurance Group, with around 23 thousand employees, is an undisputed leader in its respective markets, resulting in perfect market conditions for allowing exploitation of long-term growth chances in the area populated by 180 million people. Vienna Insurance Group holds the highest rating among all companies listed in the main ATX index of the Vienna stock exchange. VIG’s also listed on the Praque stock exchange.

Challenges and needs:

Attempts to expand a tool for reporting errors and bugs to the IT department have been made due to the dynamic growth of the enterprise. The initial audit has shown that the platform used up to that date, called ManageEngine, was not sufficient and will not be eligible for further enWhancements in a way which would fulfill the growing expectations of the VIG insurance group. A new tool was needed, which will be fast, clear and its usage simple, even for a less-advanced users. In addition, a relatively low cost of implementation and maintenance of the whole system was a point of interest for the VIG enterprise.

Implemented solutions:

After initial analysis of potential platforms has concluded, the decision has been made to implement Jira Service Management (previously named  as Jira Service Desk), a tool developed by Atlassian, an Australian company. The choice has been evaluated as the most fitting, in part because another tool made by Atlassian – Jira Software – was efficiently being used throughout the VIG group (except Helpdesk) for project management. This has resulted in a seamless integration of both platforms. The system implementation has covered the IT department for the whole VIG insurance group, cost around 30 thousand Euro and has finished middle-March 2016. After the software delivery all VIG employees took part in a training on the functionalities of Jira Service Management prepared and delivered by Transition Technologies PSC’s experts.

Achieved results:

The comfort and effectivity of work has increased significantly thanks to implementation of Atlassian Jira Service Management. The aforementioned clear and simple to use tool has provided VIG’s employees with appropriate views on data significant to their day-to-day jobs. Thanks to real-time tracking of work progress, employees do not need to contact the IT department directly. In addition, the overall support system maintenance costs have been reduced.

At this time Transition Technologies PSC Sp. z o. o. is delivering post-delivery support services for the Vienna Insurance Group enterprise.

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