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What’s the difference between service desk and helpdesk; what functionalities does an advanced tool like that have, and what criteria to take into consideration while choosing ITSM software for your company? See the answers and well proven solution from Transition Technologies PSC’s offer, Atlassian’s Platinum Partner.

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Helpdesk – service desk – ITSM

Let’s start the answer to the question with what service desk is NOT – namely: it’s NOT just a helpdesk. And let’s stop here for a minute, explaining shortly what the above mentioned helpdesk is; it’s a group of servicemen using a tool which services issues and possibly feedback (sent most often in a form of generic notification) informing that the problem has been solved. Service desk is definitely more advanced solution, created according to IT Service Management (ITSM) concept which tells about treating IT as service, not a product.

In conclusion, ‘helpdesk’ is an out dated term which was created with the first tools for customer service by IT servicemen. In a process of technological evolution, as well as because of created ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, helpdesks turned into service desks which are a combination of a tool with services, such as: implementations, configurations, consulting, data processing, updates, trainings, tool administration by specialists who communicate with users in a variety of ways.

ITSM (IT Service Management) is service desk, which was created according to ITIL standards and means end-to-end services: from customization and implementation to i.a. support, hosting, administration and extending the software according to the business’ development. ITSM tool has certificates confirming compliance with ITIL and it’s top of the top among service-desk solutions which can be found on the market. Jira Service Management takes a great position on the list of popular and well-proven software of this kind. The software meets ITIL standards which has been proven by PinkVerify™ oraz Axelos™ certificates. The tool is a product by Atlassian – one of the fastest developing IT companies in the world.

Helpdesk and service desk are terms often used interchangeably because of a common base of operation – servicing issues reported by company’s users and/or external clients. However, helpdesk can be compared to a painkiller pill focused on symptoms of an illness, while service desk – especially a real ITSM – is a full care of medical staff who are determined to find and cure the real cause of the illness, making sure that the patient feels comfortable

Marcin Guz, Atlassian solution expert in Transition Technologies PSC.


Jira Service Management

Choosing a tool of service desk type can be crucial to the quality of all processes in the company. In such situations, As Platinum Partner of Atlassian, we recommend Jira Service Management. There are at least a few arguments for that: first of all, it’s a well-proven tool which is used by hundreds of thousands users around the world. What’s more, the solutions is still being updated and improved, so there’s no need to be afraid of out-dated technology. And last but not least, Jira Service Management is a product which is in compliance with ITIL standards, which will work well in every company, regardless of its size; it can be successfully implemented in Data Center mode

– Piotr Tokarski, Business Unit Manager in TTPSC Atlassian

The most important Jira Service Management funtionalities:

jira service desk functionalities

Who uses Jira Service Management?

Service-desk systems are associated mostly with IT industry – companies working in this sector have the right tools and practices connected with complex service of issues coming from coworkers (internal processes) and/or clients. It doesn’t mean, however, that those working in other fields of business do not use solution of this type.

On the basis of our experience connected with implementation of Jira Service Management, we can point to another areas where solutions of this type turns out to be crucial in daily life of a company, these are i.a.:

  • Automotive
  • Telecommunication
  • Distribution
  • Banking and insurances
  • Official institutions

What’s worth taking into consideration:

The difference between a regular helpdesk and IT solution such as IT Service Management is so significant that every company looking for a solution of this type should get familiar with the offer of tools and services before implementing them in their company (especially that a term ‘helpdesk’  happens to be used interchangeably with ‘service desk’, although it doesn’t mean the same).

Crucial questions and issues which should be verified before making a final decision are:

  • How many users can service the software?
  • Does it have certificates confirming compliance with ITIL?
  • Is the tool dedicated to complex teams or individual serviceman?
  • How big team of implementers and administrators is going to service the software?
  • Do I want to save on quality of service, investing in out-dated tool of helpdesk type, or to invest in modern and still upgraded service desk software?
  • Is the software difficult to operate?
  • How many companies use this solution? What are the opinions about it?

Do you want to know more? Would you like to ask the above listed questions to a TTPSC Atlassian consultant? Go on! ? We are going to tell you what Jira Service Management is, and we’ll offer you a business analysis on the basis of which we will be able to present you a set of solutions customized to the needs of your company.

We do not have any ‘standard’ offer – everything depends on requirements of your business.

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