Project management – online course.
BigPicture plugin for the Jira system

Project management programme

Looking for a project management program? Would you like to implement a proven PMO tool in your company that will be efficient and at the same time intuitive to use? The Jira system supplemented with the BigPicture plugin by SoftwarePlant will be the perfect solution. We offer software implementation and an online course carried out by specialists who use it on a daily basis.
BigPicture for JIRA

Project management in the Jira system thanks to BigPicture

Jira is a system which can be used as a tool for various business solutions. Why? The software’s functionalities can be extended with appropriate plugins created by Partners of Atlassian. The BigPicture application allows you to manage projects with the use of both an agile and a phased approach. The user can choose from several templates and tables which enable fast work distribution of the team and the possibility to monitor the progress.


  • Advanced project portfolio management functionalities (PMO).
  • A tool adjusted for several project management approaches.
  • BigPicture allows you to work in a variety of environments, i.e. Waterfall, Agile, SAFe or mixed.
  • Multilevel project portfolio hierarchy.
  • Gantt module – a clear presentation of workflow within the whole project.
  • Automation mechanisms which facilitate e.g. creating work rotas.
  • Scope module: quick filters, advanced aggregation, WBS.
  • Roadmap module: business value estimation, indication of goals, monitoring and evaluation of measures taken.
  • And much more!

ONLINE COURSE: Project management
in the Jira system thanks to BigPicture

BigPicture functionalities in the Jira system – training for companies at the stage of familiarising themselves with the BigPicture plugin and for those in which the application has been implemented some time ago, but its potential has not been used in full.

BigPicture for JIRA

BigPicture for users

How to navigate in the system? How to use the basic settings of the application and where does the data presented in the software come from? This module is an introduction to enable the Project Managers to gain the basic knowledge on project management possibilities with BigPicture.

BigPicture for administrators

A module dedicated for administrators – information on proper management and configuration of instances enriched with data concerning further BigPicture settings.

BigPicture - configuration

A presentation of several approaches and system configuration strategies including an overview of pros and cons for each of them. It will let you select solutions suitable for your business.

BigPicture - "tips and tricks", functionalities

BigPicture is such an extensive and advanced tool that some of its functionalities are not apparent at first glance. This module contains a revision of the system’s “titbits” to enable your company to use the tool to its full potential.

BigPicture - sample project management scenarios

Several videos have been prepared to solidify the information collected thanks to which you are able to introduce and practice step by step how particular functionalities operate in the BigPicture plugin for Jira.

Jira&BigPicture - trainings

Online training:

  • Live online training.
  • Possibility to ask questions during the meeting.
  • The training course can be watched with a group of people who use or intend to use the tool.
  • This solution is less expensive than an onsite option.
  • You can contact us in case of any further questions – we will be happy to help!

In-company training:

  • The training is performed at the customer’s place of business.
  • F2f contact makes it easier to understand the information presented and helps keep students focused.
  • It is possible to consult the trainer during the training course.
  • Our headquarter is located in Poland, so we recommend an online option for foreign companies.
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