Transition Technologies PSC (TTPSC), a System Integrator with worldwide footprint and long track record of pushing the boundaries of what industrial software is capable of, and Rockwell Automation (RA), one of world’s leading technology manufacturers for various industrial verticals.

The first of partnerships will make TTPSC a Recognized Software Integrator (RcSI), which certifies its skill and expertise in implementing Rockwell Automation’s products. When engaging with TTPSC, Rockwell Automation’s customers can rest assured that they are provided with the highest standard of products and services.

The second is a framework contract, which will allow both parties to collaborate more closely in strategic accounts. This collaboration may be transparent to both parties’ customers and will allow both organizations to leverage each other’s resources and expertise to ensure successful delivery of Industry 4.0 projects.

Importance of the alliance to both parties and their customers

Digital Transformation of industrial organizations requires an outstanding level of convergence of physical assets and digital solutions built around them. In other words: convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) systems and solutions. TTPSC was able to support their customers on that journey from the very beginning, but there never was one clear, interconnected and integrated ecosystem of solutions.

When Rockwell Automation and PTC announced their strategic partnership in June 2018, with the first underlining it with a $1 billion equity investment in the latter, they created such an ecosystem. The aim of this alliance is to leverage both companies’ technologies, industry expertise and market presence to the benefit of their customers, who would now be provided with a comprehensive suite of solutions for IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) convergence.

Transition Technologies PSC is a long-time partner of PTC, a Value-Added Reseller of its products and a Global Solution Integrator. Both organizations have been cooperating closely on multiple levels, including Professional Services and Research and Development. Together, these two organizations helped hundreds of customers worldwide implement digitization strategies and reshape how products are designed, manufactured and serviced. Through establishing this partnership with Rockwell Automation, Transition Technologies PSC confirms its unique understanding of and competence in not only of Industrial Software, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), but also the capability to successfully apply these technologies in industrial settings using Rockwell Automation’s industry-leading solutions. Whether it’s Allen Bradley industrial equipment, FactoryTalk Innovation Suite software, Industrial Connectivity (Kepware, OPC Servers) or ThingWorx – TTPSC is one of the first companies in the world to be certified in proficiency of applying these technologies to solve real industrial problems.

Transition Technologies PSC Announces Partnership With Rockwell Automation

Leveraging the power of the Cloud

Cloud technologies are becoming essential in ensuring industrial organizations can successfully adopt the Digital Thread. PTC and Microsoft understand this and, through their partnership, have made significant investments in adapting their respective technologies to work efficiently with each other: especially the compatibility and optimization of Microsoft’s Azure and PTC’s ThingWorx.

TTPSC, also Microsoft’s partners for many years and on multiple levels, is ready to leverage the potential of both vendors’ strengths. Together with technologies and systems by Rockwell Automation, TTPSC can provide end-to-end solutions to their customers, enabling Digital Transformation of entire organizations, from the shop floor up to cloud-based computing infrastructure.

Transition Technologies PSC Announces Partnership With Rockwell Automation

The combined capabilities of TTPSC, Rockwell Automation, PTC and Microsoft create the most comprehensive, flexible industrial information platform in the market, capable of successfully addressing a myriad of use cases across all verticals.

Transition Technologies PSC Announces Partnership With Rockwell Automation

Multi-partnership and global reach – importance and outlook for Industry 4.0 Integrators

When looking for guidance in Digital Transformation, industrial organizations came to expect a single partner to be leading the way. Such a partner must be an advisor who understands the entirety of their organization and its operations’ landscapes, understand and execute their strategy and roadmaps, which in turn might affect production line hardware, IT departments and other elements of the company. Due to the complexity of the process, customers expect the partner who is guiding them through it to take care of details regarding technology vendors’ products, processes, support models, licenses, hardware and software set up, delivery methodologies, security, among others. Such a partner should then have established relationships (i.e. partnerships) with these vendors to ensure appropriate levels of expertise in all above areas.

Furthermore, as organizations operate globally, they need to look for a partner with the capability to support them across all their physical (geographical) locations worldwide. Even if solution development is centralized, deployment, maintenance and support need to be planned and executed in every customer’s facility which will utilize it. Such needs force customers to look for partners with a global presence, spanning across nearly all time zones, allowing rapid reaction and quick problem resolution, often in a close cultural context to the customer.

Multi-dimensional partnerships (or multipartnerships) and global presence are two key factors to consider when looking for a System Integrator to guide an organization through the Digital Transformation. The specifics of Industry 4.0 and similar concepts enforce this approach on SIs, for whom this will be the only way forward.

To make sure you choose the most reliable, competent partner to help you along your journey, you should also look for these traits:

Financial health, market history – The ideal partner will have a long track records of stable market presence and sufficient capital to operate long term

Organization, governance, risk management – Look for established, formal management structure and risk management policies, along with clear processes for assessing third-party service providers and vendors.

Trust and reputation  – By verifying who the company’s partners are, what is his level of expertise and what his customers (and verified partners) say about them, you will be able to find an organization worthy of your trust, built on the principle of helping its customers first.

Vendor/Technology agnostic – most organizations have solutions and technologies developed by various vendors. Your partner needs to be able to work with various hardware, software, clouds.

Global – Global physical presence will allow a partner to be able to support various geographical sites in their time zones and with negligible overhead due to cultural differences.

Technical know-how and capabilities – Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation projects are specific, as working with both OT and IT requires partners with a significant level of know-how in various technologies. Only organizations which invest heavily in R&D can display such levels of expertise, so look for those who work on advancing of what is possible. They are the ones that will help you build a future-proof solution.

Security – In the era of cyber-threats leaning behind every corner, it is of utmost importance to make sure your partners can help you protect your assets. The minimum you should look for are appropriate security policies, infrastructure management and certification.

The Key Roles of Integrators and Partners in Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation is not one project, a moment’s change. It is a journey which may take years, or even decades. It is a pursuit of operational excellence on multiple levels, requiring constant assessment of tools and methods.

Organizations need someone to follow changes in software and hardware technologies, and be able to quickly adapt, react and advise to their customers. Someone who they can trust with advising on strategic decisions regarding the direction of entire enterprises. Someone who will embark on their journey with them, help define future directions and road maps, react to business and market changes and quickly implement decisions.

Transition Technologies PSC, thanks to its partnerships with Rockwell Automation, PTC and Microsoft, along with its global presence and immense expertise, is ready to embark on this journey with you.

Transition Technologies PSC Announces Partnership With Rockwell Automation

About PTCPTC helps companies around the world reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service things in and for a smart, connected world. In 1986 we revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based product lifecycle management. Today, their leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions enable you to unlock value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. With PTC, manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things and augmented reality technology today and drive the future of innovation.

About Rockwell Automation – the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

About Transition Technologies PSC – TTPSC is a member of the Transition Technologies Group (TT). For over 28 years TT has been providing world’s highest levels of IT solutions for industry based on the latest technologies to its customers from continuous process and discrete manufacturing sectors.  Owing to 2000+ Software Engineers, IT Specialists, IT Architects and System Programmers, TTPSC creates modern software that shapes anew the way products are created and operated. TTPSC helps business leaders take up to the challenge and pursue it in compliance with newest technology solutions.

Transition Technologies is a company with nearly 30 years of experience in the implementation of advanced projects for demanding customers. TT focuses on large industries, with emphasis on heavy industry, energy and gas sectors. Experience in such verticals as: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Medical and High-Tech is confirmed by the work of our engineers, as a long-term partner of multinational corporations, including PTC, for their respective Professional Services organizations and delivering R&D augmentation services for global industrial solutions.

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