8 April 2019
DevForge Conference that is to take place for the first time in Łódź

TT PSC continues in leading the series of DevForge conferences and this year for the first, time organizing a meeting in Łódź. Target audience is set to mid-level/regular software developers. To nail two birds with one stone, this conference has been merged with a charity action assistance, meaning that all money collected from entry fee will go to “Słonie on Balkonie” foundation.

On the 13th of April, in the industrial-style hall of “Odlewnia” at 217 Piotrkowska Street, we plan to launch a “forge for practitioners of new technologies”, being strictly speaking a DevForge conference. The official start of the event will be led by Adam Gąsiorek, CTO at TT PSC, aiming to ignite a sparkle of interest among participants towards solutions from the area of Augmented Reality. Meeting will be hosted by Michał Dubel, leader of the Atlassian Apps team – a volcano of positive energy that will be responsible for appropriate flow of the event. As for the lectures: these will be presented by four specialists that aim to perform real-time presentations in front of the audience, and what’s even more with the transfer of knowledge from the IT industry sharks: Michał Biegała, Bartek Witczak, Marcin Zajączkowski and Paweł Zubkiewicz.

The Saturday meeting is to launch at 9:45 AM with mutual coffee and sweets consumption. At 10:00 AM, the first presentation and the official start of the conference program are planned. At 12:45 PM we plan to rest a bit on a lunch break and eat some good stuff delivered by Pizza Truck Garage. We aim to finish at 3 PM.

More information about the conference with the application form can be found at www.DevForge.IT – we encourage you to participate!

Psst! Also check here.

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