Transition Technologies PSC awarded as Master of Innovative Transformation

Transition Technologies PSC once again proves that it makes the world a better place through the power of digital transformation, and strengthens its position as a technological leader by winning the competition of the 3rd MIT Sloan Management Review Polska Congress in the “Technology and market” category.

MIT Sloan Management Review Polska once again organized a Congress bringing together specialists from the world of science, business, and technology. The event took place on April 21-22, 2021. Its important part was the final gala of the “Master of Innovative Transformation” competition, which recognizes companies that implement projects with a significant impact on the organization, market, and environment.

Transition Technologies PSC is this year’s winner in the “Technology and market” category. The awarded SkillWorx project, dedicated to production line employees, service technicians, quality controllers, and warehouse employees, ensures contactless use of information useful in everyday work.

Master of Innovative Transformation for SkillWorx

SkillWorx is a comprehensive solution for production line employees, quality controllers, service technicians, assemblers, or warehouse employees, increasing work safety and information flow efficiency while minimizing the risk of making a mistake. Thanks to the use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition mechanisms, it works great in the field, allowing to connect with experts hundreds or thousands of kilometers away or as a trainer introducing an employee to a new job. This contactless solution displays information directly in front of the user’s eyes thanks to the wearable industrial tablet RealWear HMT-1.

The award in the MIT Sloan Management Review Polska competition is a meaningful recognition that gives us the certainty of a well-chosen direction when it comes to creating innovative and effective solutions that improve the daily work of industrial employees. SkillWorx relieves them from searching for technical work instructions necessary to perform such tasks as assembly, inspection, repair, or service work. It displays only the information that is needed at a given place and time, finding it immediately after identifying a voice command expressed in one of 14 available languages. The employee does not have to take his hands off work or leave his position to go to the computer and find the appropriate diagram. All information will be displayed on the RealWear HMT-1 wearable. What’s more, SkillWorx is a safe solution for health. The device is light and can be attached to helmets, reinforced caps, or bands so it’s not causing back or neck pain. The appropriate screen positioning and ergonomics of the user interface prevent eye fatigue. I am glad that the competition jury noticed and appreciated our solution, which, especially in the era of pandemic and post-pandemic reality, will increase work safety and efficiency while facilitating long-distance cooperationAdam Gąsiorek, CTO at Transition Technologies PSC.

SkillWorx is a solution that evokes movies with cyborgs displaying various information about the world around them right in front of their eyes. Science Fiction enters production companies by providing a solution that enables operating software only through voice commands. Employees wear helmets with a small screen attached at an appropriate distance from the eye so that all data can be easily read. This helmet is RealWear HMT-1, with implemented software that streamlines work in various areas of the production line. The tool is so flexible that we adapt it to the needs of many industries. One of our clients who use SkillWorx in their daily work is Vestas, representing the wind energy industryMichał Neufeld, AR Solution Architect at Transition Technologies PSC.

Science, business and modern technologies

The MIT Sloan Management Review magazine is closely related to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It focuses on sharing information from the world of science, business, and innovative technologies. The American publishing house has a branch in Poland – MIT Sloan Management Review Polska, which has been organizing a Congress for technology innovators since 2019. This year, the event was held entirely online, gathering over 30 speakers from both Polish and foreign companies and scientific institutions.

The “Master of Innovative Transformation” competition was judged by the Jury composed of outstanding experts and practitioners from the business world focused on technology, including Dr. Witold Jankowski, President of the ICAN Institute; Wojciech Orzech, CEO of PKP Energetyka or Ewa Wernerowicz, CEO of VIVUS Finance S.A. The winners were selected in a three-step process.

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