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What is SkillWorx and for whom is it intended?

SkillWorx is the answer to the ever-rising needs of Industry 4.0. It is an ideal tool for quality managers, service technicians, fitters, and warehouse workers. It works well as a trainer, both for current employees and newcomers, ensuring quick and safe induction or retraining for a new position.

SkillWorx is also suitable for field work, allowing you to connect with an expert hundreds or thousands of miles away. SkillWorx helps companies in every industry – especially those whose most important assets are people and their capital, i.e. know-how – achieve digital transformation. SkillWorx links the real world to augmented reality and artificial intelligence in order to increase the efficiency and safety of front-line employees, but also to easily acquire their “tribal knowledge” which will then be passed down to less experienced employees. All this means that SkillWorx will have a tangible impact on improving industrial processes and introducing process innovation in your company!

Skillworx TTPSC photo
Skillworx TTPSC photo

Duties performed by employees are inherently prone to errors. We are only human and our efficiency depends on a lot of factors. What if we told you that SkillWorx significantly improves the effects and quality of the work performed by your employees?

In most cases, errors or work efficiency below expectations result from time pressure, fatigue, lack of expertise, or an incomplete situational context. SkillWorx can help you change that. Our solution identifies the employee’s physical location and assigned tasks. Thanks to our proprietary technology – spatial intelligence, with which we have equipped the RealWear HMT-1 device – the employees can see what needs to be done, where to do it, and how to execute it. Concise step sequences and quick, contextual, voice-activated, touchless access to technical information and data-searching allows the technician to concentrate on their task. This significantly improves the efficiency and quality of work of front-line employees. In addition, they are provided with information on how to document an inspection or other assignment carried out by them. SkillWorx provides work instructions, production orders, checklists, pick lists, standard operational procedures, information on changeovers, changes in machine handling and other tasks in hands-free mode right in front of the employee’s eyes. All in order to improve their safety at work, increase their productivity, speed up the induction of new staff, minimize formalities, and significantly reduce the risk of human error.

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SkillWorx in numbers

Companies which have deployed SkillWorx solutions

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40 %

business trips reduced

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30 min.

changeover time shortened

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80 %

faster induction of new employees

_Are you wondering if SkillWorx is for you?

Nate Taylor

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales, North America


_Want to get to know more technical details?

Adam Gąsiorek TTPSC

Adam Gąsiorek

Chief Technology Officer


Problems solved by SkillWorx

Production downtime, errors and ineffective paper documentation of tasks

Lack of up-to-date documents at the work station

Long induction of new employees

High costs of business trips of the employees

Lack of efficient warehousing logistics

Unavailability of experts at the time of a malfunction

What our clients say about SkillWorx

Vestas logo For the first time, the technology is getting out of the way. Finally, we can allow technicians to focus 100% of their time to put value into our products. For a company like ours, a reduction in time spent on non-value-added tasks such as registration of parts or operation status is of huge importance and provides us with an extremely competitive edge.


Mark Jaxion

Mark Jaxion

Senior Specialist Leading Industry 4.0 Strategy at Vestas

Industries covered by SkillWorx

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SkillWorx icon

Oil & Gas

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SkillWorx icon


SkillWorx icon

Transport & logistic

SkillWorx icon

Medical industry

SkillWorx icon

Pharmaceutical industry

SkillWorx icon

Food industry

SkillWorx icon

Cosmetics industry

SkillWorx icon

Utilities & field service

For SkillWorx, the sky is the limit! These are only examples of industries in which it can be useful. If the list does not feature yours, contact us and tell us about your needs.


What our experts say about SkillWorx

With Skillworx, we make Industry 4.0 come true by implementing the concepts of Smart Connected Operations and Smart Connected People. Why? Because we believe that frontline workers are the most valuable assets of industrial enterprises. With technologies like wearables, augmented reality, computer vision, AI and cloud computing, we are able to increase their safety, improve their performance and effectiveness, facilitate knowledge capturing, and sharing and reducing the risk of making errors caused by the lack of knowledge, incomplete situational awareness, fatigue, or time pressure. SkillWorx can give superpowers to front-line workers and a competitive edge to the companies they work for.

Adam Gąsiorek

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Gąsiorek TTPSC



SkillWorx components

Skillworx hardware image

The core of SkillWorx is RealWear HMT 1 – the world’s first industrial wearable voice-activated computer. It is perfect for industrial applications in which keeping your hands free is crucial for work safety and effectiveness. The device view is the equivalent of a 7-inch tablet, except that it offers fully hands-free operation thanks to voice control. Individual functions can be activated by voice in one of twelve languages. Together, with over 8 hours of work on a single battery charge, this enables your employees to work and perform their duties freely, improving the quality of their work and their efficiency.

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Thingworx logo

How is SkillWorx powered? Through the PTC ThingWorx platform – an IoT platform designed specifically for industrial applications. Developed for comprehensive solutions with a full set of essential features. It enables integrating data both from countless purely software-based platforms (including MES, ERP, PLM, WMS, CMMS, CAQ) and other applications used to manage orders, warehouse, production or maintenance, as well as data obtained directly from automation devices, i.e.: sensors, PLC drivers or SCADA applications.

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SkillWorx solutions

SkillWorx Connected Worker
SkillWorx Connected Worker image

Equip your front-line employees with the necessary, voice-activated digital technical information – always for the right person, in the right place and at the right time. SkillWorx acts as an information center with full, up-to-date documentation necessary at a given work station regardless of whether the employee is responsible for assembly, quality control, station inspection, production line changeover or renovation and maintenance tasks.

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SkillWorx Guided Worker
SkillWorx Guided Worker image

Remotely connect with an expert and resolve the issue in real time. Our innovative SLAM solution provides the RealWear HMT-1 with spatial intelligence so that both the expert and the technician can accurately mark the live image with AR tags. Digital annotations are permanently attached to real objects at the point where they were originally drawn, which reduces potentially costly errors. In addition, real-time image analysis enables precise recording of an employee's location.

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SkillWorx Onboarding & Training
SkillWorx Onboarding & Training image

Encourage employees to make recordings during their work and create a knowledge base about the procedures implemented in the company on the spot. Thanks to this, it is possible to build an up-to-date database of training and instruction information necessary for the training and induction of new employees in an easy and effortless way.

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SkillWorx Warehouse picking
SkillWorx Warehouse picking image

Save thousands of hours per week on the component picking process, increasing employee productivity with digital step-by-step instructions, hands-free operation and the life cycle of pick lists, trolleys, audits and execution reports.

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See how SkillWorx supports production in the wind energy industry

SkillWorx Vestas



Augmented Reality from TT PSC supports the production processes of Vestas – the largest wind turbine company in the world

Vestas Wind Systems

Vestas Wind Systems A/Sis a Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and service of wind turbines. It was founded in 1945, and as of 2013, it is the largest wind turbine company in the world. The company operates manufacturing plants in Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Romania, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden,Norway, Australia…

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Do you have your own need or use case? Write to us!

At Transition Technologies PSC, we listen to the needs of our customers and the problems they face every day in their businesses. Thanks to our extensive experience in various industries, we offer tailor-made solutions for every customer regardless of their scale or complexity.

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Why Tranistion Technologies PSC?

digital transition – Transition Technologies PSC

We have


Transition Technologies PSC is part of Transition Technologies Group, which is operating since 1991, constantly expanding its structures. TT PSC is a team of specialists in the field of Cloud solutions, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Product Lifecycle Management and nearshoring. We are a strategic partner for companies such as PTC and Rockwell, with who we jointly develop and implement the ideas of industry 4.0.

Experience gained through cooperation with world’s largest brands allows us to quickly and efficiently implement solutions based on modern technologies.

Our clients’ opinions

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TT PSC specialists demonstrated high commitment, professionalism and responsiveness. Moreover, their specialist and broad knowledge allowed them to quickly complete tasks. We recommend TT PSC as a strong and reliable partner in the IT industry.

Mariusz K. Pyrcik

Business Manager Field Engineering – Eastern Europe & Middle East

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Transition Technologies PSC is a strong OneSpan partner, which shows not only its full involvement, but also responsibility for entrusted tasks, as well as great professionalism.

Sylvain Masounave

Global VP of Engineering and Operations at OneSpan

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What has been delivered in a final package exceeds my expectations. I haven’t been so pleased with cooperation while doing the job for a long time (…) and moreover, so surprised that cooperation Client <>Programmer works so conveniently.

Waldemar Szczepański

Service and Support Manager

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