_UX & UI Design

Ergonomics of use, the balance between beauty and usability of the software

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_Why UX & UI design is so important?

There is no better and more effective way to understand the user’s needs and confront them with ideas about our ideal application or system than UX & UI Design Methodology.

_5 basic UX & UI Design principles

  • Error handling and prevention
  • Giving the user full control
  • Compatibility between the system and reality
  • Adherence to standards and consistency
  • Help and documentation

_Benefits of having a UX designer in Your team and working with User Experience methodology

Understand your users’ needs

We demonstrate customer-centric solutions through user research and analysis

Create works UX for different platforms and devices

Design web, mobile and desktop applications

Build responsive products

We create responsive mobile-friendly experiences

Streamline user experience

We use customer journey mapping to uncover problems and fix them.

Refine application structure

Confirm your ideas with user needs

We create software prototypes and verify them to reduce the risk of failure

Most of the problems with impractical and unintuitive applications, bugs could be prevented or solved at the stage of usability testing.

_Get to know UX design process


Design workshop

(discovering the main purpose of the project, establishing the essential business objectives, setting priorities and defining the project’s scope and roadmap)


(understand, discovery: Qualitative/quantitative research, Making hypotheses and their verification, Desk research, Stakeholder interview)


(research, plan, define)


(analyze, architecture)



Usability testing

(launch, optimize)

Want to know more details about UX Design process

UX design process step by step

_UX/UI Design services

UX Audit
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Software prototyping
Customer Journey Mapping
Digital strategy
Design system
User testing

_Your first UX & UI Design project?

Have questions and doubts? Feel free to ask our Experts!
Together we can bring Your projects into life with UX & UI Design standards. You can choose business model to create Your intuitive experiences application. Do you need a whole team or just a UX designer specialist? It’s your decision!

_Choose the cooperation model

Software Managed Services

We cooperate with over 1500 IT experts, whose knowledge and experience you can benefit from.

Software outsourcing

You have no IT team, but you need to implement or develop dedicated software for your business?

Software dedicated team

When you need to quickly organise a team of experts dedicated to your IT project.

It staff augmentation

Are you looking for a professional to complement your team with missing competences?

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