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Discover the tool to unleash your production assets full potential

_Challenges addressed by the OEE Advisor

Reacting today on yesterday’s problems

With real-time calculated and presented production KPIs (OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality) you can react immediately.

Best employees spend too much time on tedious data gathering

The Smart system will provide (role-based) information with trends, reports, and alert notifications to act in an instant where human decision is required.

Hard to identify the root cause of productivity losses

Easy-to-read reports with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Advisor modules will help you identify bottlenecks and optimization areas without tiresome manual data analysis.

Unreliable and inconsistent production data in various silos or paper forms

With Industrial IoT connectivity capabilities all machines report their state in reliable way with no delays. All historized and contextualized data can be used to optimize production processes by people or AI algorithms.

_Solution – OEE Advisor

OEE Advisor is a solution (consulting and software package) to enable manufacturing companies maximize production effectiveness of their assets.

Machines, lines, and factories' effectiveness can be tracked in real-time and evaluated with standard, transparent calculation KPIs formulas to allow comparison and benchmarking.

TT PSC OEE Advisor

Real-time and interval KPI calculations with alerts notifications, reports, and trending (historization) augmented with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms provide deep understanding of production effectiveness to identify bottlenecks and optimization opportunities.

User-friendly interface delivering right data to right people in real-time with support of TTPSC experts assure best in class ROI.


Find bottlenecks that drag your production effectiveness down

Compare machines, lines, plants with standardized KPIs and benchmark yourself

Avoid losses with alerts, notifications and real-time visibility

Enhance flexibility to respond to shifting market demands

Connect your systems and use Analytics, AI algorithms to optimize assets utilization

Learn, simulate and set Critical Operating Parameters to maximise revenue


Individual and effective ways of connection to even older machines with hardware and software interfaces to make the first step into paperless to save personel’s creative time and avoid mistakes in manual data transfer.
Real-time awareness
Dashboards with real-time measurements and calculation results will help your team to be informed on the production results.
Standard KPI calculations
All KPIs: OEE, Availability, Performance, Quality, MTBF, MTTR – calculated with standard formulas for production assets, lines, plants to compare and benchmark
AI/ML powered Advisors will help to find correlations affecting production KPIs, advise on optimal settings and allow simulations of change results.
Extended periodical reports provide a summary of production efficiency with highlighted best and worth results conditions.
Alerts and notifications
Measurements and calculation results are monitored for threshold values to alert assigned personnel without delay.
Troubleshooting tools
Current and historical trends and charts of machines state KPI results, and measurements will give you the power to learn from the past to improve future results.

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Thanks to Real-Time- Monitoring, we can now quickly identify information on incidents

and report them back so that the operator can independently analyze the incident and correct it with as little disruption to production as possible. Working with TT PSC we achieve our goals faster and more effectively than expected.

Emmanuel Thommerel

VP IT, Lacroix Electronics

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Working with TT PSC for us is about trust and experience.

TT PSC have been able to quickly establish themselves within projects and the experience and depth of skills they provide, have allowed to deliver more effectively. Our colleagues at TT PSC have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.

Noel Thethy

Product Owner & R&D, Capula

_Other solutions for manufacturing

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