_Access Management for the Public Sector


Public Sector


  • No environment for access management process
  • Maintaining cybersecurity standards




  • Digitization
  • Centralization
  • Automation of the access management process

Secure access management

The client is a public entity dedicated to supporting research and development activities focused on innovation for sustainable economic development. Among other initiatives, the organization’s activities are focused on raising public awareness of climate change and using technology to address the challenges it presents.


The client’s cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC stemmed from the need to acquire an environment for managing electronic identities, permissions and access to its systems. The client sought a solution and a service provider that would implement it with the highest security standards, in alignment with functional requirements.

Digitization, automation and centralization

Challenges and needs    

The client aimed to find a solution to automate processes in the areas of access management and service request management. The objective was to obtain information about employees’ accesses and efficiently handle requests for assigning and revoking accesses.

As part of the implementation, the TT PSC team highlighted the following sub-processes that make up the complete solution:


  1. The process of granting/revoking permissions.
  2. Verification of eligibility.
  3. The onboarding process for employees (assigning a package of permissions based on the employee’s profile).
  4. Employee card management.

Project objectives

  • Automate the process of granting/revoking accesses.
  • Ensure control over the assignment of user access and permissions.
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of resources and systems used in the organization, along with the possible types of authorizations.
  • Monitor and verify the authorizations held by employees.
  • Support organizations in implementing their security policies under data protection regulations.
  • Raise standards related to access authorizations in the organization.
  • Reduce the risk of incompatibility of authority held by employees of the organization.

Solution provided

Access management in Jira

Tools used as part of the project:


Implemented processes and resulting improvements

Component: employee card

What has the company gained?

Access current and historical status authorization status for a specific employee. Supervisors, employees, IT personnel can verify who had access, when, what they accessed, and by whom it was granted.

Component: reports and statements

What has the company gained?

Access to data on the current status of authorizations and historical data displayed in an easy-to-read report format. Additionally, the ability to generate reports for selected user groups with a record of held authorizations.

Process: Granting/modifying/deleting privileges

What has the company gained?

Full control over all activities related to authorizations in information systems. Automatic routing of approval of requests to appropriate individuals and multi-level, automated approval level of granting/modifying/deleting authorizations. This process eliminates the risk of granting access to undesirable persons.

Process: Verification of eligibility

What has the company gained?

A registry of assigned permissions and control of permissions per user. Managers now can verify assigned permissions and cyclic control of permissions was configured within the organization.

Process: Onboarding an employee

What has the company gained?

Streamlined the process of inducting a new employee into the organization, especially in terms of providing necessary access on the hiring day. Standardized and systematized job-specific authorizations.

Overall benefits:

  • Transparent process for handling applications.
  • Permanent control of access to the organization’s systems; automatic inventory of authorizations.
  • Shorter processing times for access-related requests.
  • Insight into full historical data.
  • Clear reports.
  • Scalability of the deployed environment with additional. processes/improvements as the organization grows.

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