Jira Work Management – program for task management in companies from different business fields

Jira Work Management dla jakich firm, Jira Work Management for what companies

Software developed for business management

Jira Work Management is a basic version of Jira software which can be customized so that it corresponded to the needs of every business team. The software makes it possible to monitor tasks and projects in real time as well as to report new ones.

It also displays notifications when a particular user has been mentioned or when something that they follow changes. Jira Work Management is working environment where you can follow every step of project progress, modify it and share your comments with others.

Jira Work Management – functionalities necessary in every company

  • Task and project management.
  • Work progress observation.
  • Possibility of recording worktime.
  • Entering annexes.
  • Establishing access and restrictions for projects created.
  • Adding comments and marking users.
  • Notifications and reminders.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Generating reports.
  • Possibility of integration with other Atlassian software.
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Jira Work Management + extras = tailor-made software!

Our job is to get as much information from our clients as it is necessary to transfer it into proper technological solutions. That is why the initial step of work is so important to us – at first, we have a conversation about business needs, then, we carry out a thorough analysis which makes it possible for us to model all processes that take place in the company (or in particular department which we are preparing implementation for). Next, we properly configure Jira software along with extras, and we present a custom-fit offer. Working this way, we make sure that we provide solutions that will meet client’s expectations.

How does it work?

We enrich Jira software with applications which extend its functionalities and let us ‘complete’ the software meeting particular expectations. Example? Jira Work Management and Vacation Manager application create coherent, transparent and intuitive software for employee holidays management. If a client needs a software for warehouse management, creation of marketing plans, budget settlement or any other processes,we will combine proper tools with Jira software and obtain the expected result. Type of business doesn’t matter!

Get the work right, accelerate it and optimize it in your company!


Why Jira?

Are you wondering if your company can work in Jira software? The answer is: YES, it can, regardless of a type of business. The most significant values of Atlassian software are:


  • Fluent workflow.
  • Intuitiveness.
  • Emphasis put on practical solutions.
  • Possibility of teamwork.
  • Information update in real time.
  • Unburdening employees from routine and repetitive activities.
  • Flexible price list, customized to the size of the instance.


Additionally: a full scope of service connected to licenses, implementation, tool customization, implementation and post-implementation assistance, hosting, employees’ and administrators’ training, as well as possibility of ordering an application on demand. TT PSC Atlassian deals with complex service of all the activities connected with introducing companies to Atlassian environment.

Jira Work Management czym jest, what is Jira Work Management

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