_Sustainable manufacturing and superior PLM data visibility at an international water company 


Water and Sewage Management


  • Data integration
  • Data visibility
  • Sustainability compliance




  • Integrating the Windchill/CREO environment
  • Implementation of Windchill/CREO for data management
  • Sustainable operations and infrastructure development

PLM services and solutions

TT PSC provided the customer with the PTC  Windchill PLM solution: CREO Parametric CAD; the goal of the project was to migrate, update and configure data from the environment of the company that the customer’s corporation had acquired so that further work could be undertaken in line with sustainable production. 


Customer is an international water company that treats, supplies and purifies water for cities and villages, government organizations and industrial plants. The group has around 12,000 employees in 20 countries, and has so far invested more than 30 billion in digital transformation and innovation.


  • Migration, integration and implementation of data from the acquired company’s PLM environment in accordance with the customer’s operating principles based on #Sustainability.
  • Providing a solution to process and use extracted data from the infrastructure of the acquired company. #CreoCAD #PLM
  • Update data during inter-company integration so that it is not only accessible, but understandable and consistent with the customer’s nomenclature, standards and processes. #DataVisibility #DataReusability #DataHealing

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Support from Transition Technologies PSC

With CREO Parametric CAD and additional tools, as well as the knowledge of TT PSC’s PLM specialists, the client received a business understanding of the capabilities of the acquired company’s solutions.  Tasks delivered::

  • Comprehensive analysis of CAD data, ensuring consistency of information by, among other things, qualifying missing items and accessing historical data by reconstructing a database backup.
  • Security and access to the original settings, reconstructing the product life cycle and the process of element management.
  • Advanced automated data migration with the addition of contextual data, replacing the names of the previous manufacturer, with names in accordance with customer nomenclature, updating formats, inserts, and symbols.

Results and benefits

  • Integration of customer’s environment with data from the acquired company: access, visibility, unification of elements according to customer models.
  • Process data for the customer with the help of the new solution so that teams can resume research and production.
  • Implement a properly configured Windchill / CREO environment.
  • Continued sustainable operations, ability to maintain and develop infrastructure.

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TT PSC expert quote for text about PLM success story for water sector company in France

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