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Smartify your Factory

Industry 4.0 (r)Evolution brought to the manufacturing industry the most efficient IT tools and technologies.
With rapid technology progress, the Smart Factory - ultimate goal of industrial automation is at hand. With every step on digital journey, manufacturing companies push boundaries of efficiency to the new height

_IT company that understands OT needs

A trusted partner is essential to navigate on the journey to the Smart Factory. With over 16 years of experience in IT technologies like IIoT, AR, Cloud or AI – and the understanding of the OT world - our team of IoT experts can assist manufacturing industry customers in embracing operational excellence.
Industrial (r)Evolution
One way to unlock the power of Industry 4.0 is to replace all production assets and redefine all processes. But the Fourth Industrial (r)Evolution is also available by improving not replacing. IIoT enablement can be seamless, not disturbing everyday operations transition.
Industrial Internet Of Things
You can't improve what you can't measure. Only data-driven decisions lead to improvements. IIoT connectivity technologies support experts with real-time, reliable data taken form machines directly leaving more time for creative work.
IT/OT Convergence
Production assets’ data are often scattered across multiple systems and applications. Only IT/OT convergence can provide 360 degrees insight into plant operations. Contextualized maintenance, operational, financial and production data altogether builds real Digital Twin.
IT in service of OT
Our experts will lead you to where IT processing speed meets stability of OT production needs. Decades of experience taught us to listen, learn and assess, instead having one solution for everything. We consult and support the change from design to adoption on the shopfloor.

_Other solutions for manufacturing

Energy Management System

Electrical power, gas, steam, or wastewater amount is often overlooked in product cost calculations. With Energy Advisor you can understand every detail of the consumption of utilities structure during a production process. Advisor tools enable the simulation of price, usage, and production plan changes, offering insights into energy flow for optimization and improved efficiency.

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Production Monitoring with OEE

OEE is one of the most important indicators quantifying the efficiency of the production process and asset utilization. As these rely heavily on correct input data, OEE Advisor enables automatic acquisition of the data directly from the machines. Data are presented in a user-friendly dashboard. AI-powered OEE Advisor provides valuable KPI insights for identifying potential improvements and making optimal decisions.

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Skillworx and Mixed Reality


What is a better way to train operators than to give them a 3D model of a real machine in front of their eyes? How to support a maintenance engineer or quality inspector better than seeing with his eyes and guiding his hands? Instructions, measurements, calculations, and even step-by-step animations overlayed on real physical objects may change a challenging task for one worker into an assisted team effort.

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Industrial Analytics


The manufacturing industry is overloaded with data, but it's not always clear how to use it to predict and prevent issues or improve operations. The power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can help to turn months of records into comprehensive guidelines for optimal operations. Every customer has their own story written with the data. With the individual approach of well-equipped data scientists, we can make them learn from it, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement.

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Paperless - eliminating paper forms to save time and eradicate human mistakes in reporting
Reduce unplanned downtimes by understanding reasons and correlations
Include digital track and trace of production to fuel improvement cycle
Maximize operational efficiency on all levels of production process
Data-driving decisions with metrics to monitor its results
Involve AI/ML engines to analyze the data and unlock the highest possible efficiency

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