Log your work time. Timesheets in Jira

Timesheets processing, time tracking in Jira? No problem! If your company uses software by Atlassian, you don’t have to invest in new solutions – the software can be extended with additional functionalities for reporting and registering working hours.

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Program for work timesheets

Recording working time (although it does not sound friendly) is necessary and helps optimize activities connected with broadly understood project management. Reporting the number of hours makes it possible for a company to plan next activities effectively and evaluate the quality of services provided. Programs such as Timesheets have become one of ‘must have’ if it comes to solutions implemented in modern enterprises, regardless of the field of business.

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Accounting for working hours – advantages:

  • Possibility of estimating the time necessary to make future projects and to achieve established business goals.
  • Precise pricing of services ‘per hour’.
  • Better insight in strengths of particular team members.
  • More effective and efficient work planning.
  • Monitoring work progress.
  • Reports and statistics necessary for business analysis.

Reporting working time in Jira

Implementing work time recording in Jira is convenient for companies which have already been using this software, or are still looking for a complex solution for different business processes. Jira is so flexible that it can be adjusted to various needs, extending it with additional functionalities with time. Transition Technologies PSC has introduced a series of improvements working as Timesheets in Jira so that the software could reflect the following:

  • departments,
  • projects,
  • stages,
  • activities,

Additionally, a maximum number of levels in hierarchy has been established in each structure so that it could be possible to have a clear picture of priorities of the levels. An example:

  • Project A
    • Start
      • Analysis
    • Execution
      • Configuration
      • Development
    • Closing
      • Accounting
      • Documents

time tracking in jira, work time in jira, timesheets jira

Every level in hierarchy has its own manager who decides who can report the time for a given project, stage or activity. This allows to avoid mistakes connected with recording working hours. Managers do not have access to the estimated and real labor consumption beyond their ‘space’. What’s more, there is a possibility of blocking recording time manually or automatically (agreed before), e.g. after a settling period finishes.

Every project, stage and activity can be also labeled with an attribute such as:

  • Location,
  • company,
  • department,
  • activity,
  • estimated labor consumption.

Work timesheets in Jira

A user (employee) registers how much time they spend performing a given task. This way the software gathers data which makes it possible to:

  • Settle accounts with employees according to their working time.
  • Settle accounts with „your” employees according to their working time by managers.
  • Compare estimated labor consumption to the real one at each level of the structure.
  • Calculate the time spent in a location, company, activity as part of a project, area, department, etc.
  • Calculate working time spent in locations and departments.
  • Calculate working time in connection with activities, e.g. development or analytical work, internal meetings, etc.

Additional possibilities

As a result of using proper extensions, we can complete Jira software with more advanced or less common functionalities, such as, among others:

  • Sending reports with work timesheets automatically to managers.
  • Generating statements with work timesheets – calculations based on chosen attributes (e.g.projects, locations, activities).
  • Blockade of recording work time after a project or its particular stage finishes.
  • Mass recording of work time for a given phase.
  • Sending automatic notifications from the software concerning the need to report work time.
  • Configuration of settling periods allowing for recording working time only within the period.
  • Possibility of reporting working time while replacing some other person.

Embedding solutions such as Timesheet in Jira requires detailed knowledge of a company’s business needs as well as tools which will make it possible to build one complex solution. As Platinum Partner of Atlassian, we have both expertise and experience which our clients can rely on. We invite you to cooperate with us.

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