21 January 2021
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What is DevOps as a service and how you can benefit from it?

DevOps is an innovative methodology that introduced a new quality of work on IT projects. It is based on the cooperation of autonomous areas: software engineering, system administration, and issues related to safety and quality.

The result is a combination of developer competence (Dev), system management (Ops), and most importantly,  operating culture. The DevOps concept assumes close cooperation between the programming team and the operational team. Efficient communication, mutual commitment, and flexible responsibilities scope are also the key.

High competence of the team working as one organism allows faster and more effective work and, consequently, better product quality. Practically, the range of responsibilities includes solutions – from process automation, bottlenecks elimination, IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) to monitoring and repeatability. All these elements of implementations create conditions for improvement and greater efficiency of the software development process.

DevOps specialist wanted

The importance of DevOps is growing, as well as the demand for qualified engineers. Especially those who can combine application design, its efficient management, and thinking out of the box.  It is getting more and more difficult to find employees who meet the criteria and are experienced in demanding projects implementation.

There are no reasons to worry for employers offering a competitive salary, work on attractive projects, an office in a prestigious location, and many other benefits. However, only a percentage of entrepreneurs find themselves in such a comfortable situation. The more likely scenario is to have some perks, an office building in a jammed center, and the projects commissioned depending on customers’ needs…


Another option is to focus on educating juniors and investing in their development. Assuming, of course, that there is someone to learn from and that juniors have space to learn. However, the company’s development plan will not always include time for the new hire induction training. It is also necessary to consider the possible risk of hiring an inexperienced person for the specialist position, which may translate into specific budget losses.

DevOps as a Service in practice

Such problems concern organizations that appreciate innovation and development. Those that know the advantages of DevOps and want to move away from the standard work model. It seems anachronistic to distinguish between conventional teams, having their own vision of the project, goals to achieve, and KPIs, in light of such possibilities. Implementation of DevOps involves a significant amount of work, time, and money. Therefore outsourcing of services becomes a popular solution.

The support of a trusted partner, experienced in the transition to DevOps and ready to provide advanced services in this area, allows for shortening the process of team training and for benefiting from the solution as quickly as possible. Such opportunities are offered by DevOps as a Service (DaaS), which Transition Technologies PSC offers through the Cloud Division. It is a service where specialists share their knowledge to provide customized cloud solutions, ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, automation, IT infrastructure monitoring, etc.

The advantages of DevOps-as-a-service in the cloud

The benefits that go hand in hand with the use of DevOps-as-a-Service in cooperation with the TT PSC are:

  • We are active from day one: customers who decide to cooperate with us receive an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of DevOps engineers who join the work on the project;
  • We share our experience: our competencies consist of knowledge and practice gained while working for many companies in various industries. This allows our specialists to perform their tasks quickly and effectively. The result is saving time, money and eliminating the risk of error;
  • We take care of the work organization: We know how important it is to have clear documentation, so our specialists take care of it. We also offer mentoring to improve the work of the internal IT department to meet current uncertainties;
  • We adjust the scope of work to the customer’s needs: The services of our DevOps specialists are offered in subscription plans. You can choose between their availability for several hours per month, several days a week, or 24 hours a day. The time of our work depends only on your individual needs;
  • No hidden costs: we settle only for the actual work of our specialists, depending on the SLA model chosen by the client, which is only a fraction of the full-time specialist’s regular salary.


Moreover, the implementation of DevOps as a Service consists of several important stages. We support our customers and adapt to their specific needs to meet all expectations all the way through.

The starting point is the assessment of the current state of processes, cloud architecture, infrastructure, testing, or project management tools. DevOps consultant, in cooperation with the customer’s internal IT department, will analyze the current situation in the company. This will allow us to learn the areas requiring intervention and identify bottlenecks. Collected information will be used to create a plan for the automation of processes and DevOps culture in the organization.

The next step is automation, which involves the configuration of tools necessary to automate processes. Integration and testing will allow us to monitor the project work on an ongoing basis, capture possible threats, and effectively eliminate them.

The automation is followed by DevOps process management. The work of our specialists does not end on the implementation of this model of work. We also take responsibility for monitoring the newly introduced solutions and take care of their effectiveness. Moreover, we take care of the right configuration of the infrastructure after the release deployment.


The approach to IT projects proposed by DevOps as a Service allows to coordinate work on software development and maintenance, which improves the company’s functioning and translates into the efficient implementation of business aspects. Although this solution was primarily dedicated to corporations, smaller companies also benefit from its implementation as they have to respond to constant changes. It is worth noting that you don’t really have to wait long for the effects of this work organization revolution. Noticeable changes appear even after 2-3 months. Companies that have decided to use this solution noted an improvement in the quality of software implementations, cultural change in cooperation, and faster response to changing business needs.

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