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Identification of needs and limitations

Together we will investigate needs connected with the development of your business. We will identify not only your goals and ambitions but also your limitations, which are often a decisive factor in choosing the right technology and development strategy for an organisation.

Defining development directions

Based on a thorough analysis of needs and business strategy, we can help you choose the most optimal directions for development. Together we’ll select those that will have the biggest influence on achieving your business objectives.

Support in change implementation

Cooperation with us means full support, both at the stage of planning changes and of their implementation. We will guide you through the whole process so that it has as little impact as possible on your teams’ daily work.

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Experienced specialists

We will provide you with our experienced specialists who will support you in reaching your goals. TTPSC experts are well known and recognised specialists in their respective fields, with unique knowledge gained during participation in numerous projects.


Using the full potential of the cloud

Use the maximum of cloud computing technology capabilities. We will help you choose the optimal cloud vendor matching systems used so far and advise you which services will build a competitive advantage.

Cloud strategy with Transition Technologies PSC

It is not easy to follow the path to digital transformation on your own. Achieving digital objectives set for the company requires a lot of engagement and consistency in actions.

A key factor that will help you succeed is the use of cloud computing technology. The cloud strategy service by Transition Technologies PSC is a guarantee that your move to the cloud will proceed in a planned and goal-oriented manner. Thanks to our help your company will not only achieve business agility, but will also speed up the process of digital transformation.

More and more often, software producers deliver their products in a SaaS model, selling it on a subscription basis instead of a license. Therefore, companies use cloud computing technologies, sometimes without even knowing they are doing so. What’s more, looking for savings on Data Centres that usually require large investments, they reach for the FaaS model, where payment is accrued after a specific function is triggered. The ever-rising use of cloud services in specific sectors of the industry allows for fast development and agile modernisation of digital operations.

Cloud strategy

Companies struggle with problems connected with overly rapid development, where tasks related to cloud governance, security, DevOps, cost optimisation or compliance are scattered over many different departments of an organisation.

The cloud strategy service by Transition Technologies PSC helps organise, optimise and plan processes related to the cloud migration. Our substantial experience will support you in meeting digital targets of your organisation.

Digital transformation means changing the way of working, time management and processes with the use of digital technologies. Our strategies allow for maximising benefits from cloud capabilities. An action plan that we propose takes into account a number of factors enhancing operations within the company.

Transition Technologies PSC enables companies to speed up development, supporting them in their move to the cloud and in their digital transformation. Our proven methods, vast domain knowledge of the industry and business, translate into increasing your competitive advantage and strengthening your business.

The cloud is not the future. It is the present. Anyone who wants to keep up with the market should already be taking advantage of opportunities it creates. If your business is not thinking about migrating to the cloud, know that your competition has probably done so, or at least developed a plan for adopting the cloud soon. At Transition Technologies PSC, we help our clients not only in migration and cloud management. We also help develop their businesses by implementing IoT and Augmented Reality solutions. Combined with cloud technology, they greatly accelerate teamwork and deliver data to improve business processes and increase ROI.

Daniel Chwaszczewski

Cloud Services Manager

Daniel Chwaszczewski TTPSC



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Gentherm logo The team at TTPSC are true professionals. While working with them for nearly a year in migrating our PLM system to their managed service (on AWS) and developing enhancements to the applications they have demonstrated a commitment to our success and satisfaction.

Most impressive is their cooperative and transparent approach to guiding us through the process as well as the depth of their knowledge in both our applications and the infrastructure needed to support those. I look forward to continuing to work with them through our PLM and Digital Transformation journeys.


Marc Beneteau

Marc Beneteau, PMP

Senior Project Manager

Other services

Cloud workshop

If you are wondering how to start your cloud journey – we can show you. Read about our workshop offer for more details.


Cloud strategy

Stay ahead of your competition by building and executing a cloud-based strategy tailored to your business’ needs.


Cloud migration

Move your workloads to the cloud and see how your business moves ahead of your competition.


Cloud security

Get access to safest data center solutions without the need to maintain costly infrastructure.


Cloud Disaster Recovery

Protect yourself from unforeseen factors and ensure that your systems are always available and operational.



Start building business value instead of worrying about infrastructure for your solutions.


Cloud managed services

Ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of your infrastructure with help of TTPSC experts.



Reduce deployment time to the minimum and automate repetitive actions to improve your team productivity and save your organization time.



New technologies are our passion. We keep track of latest solutions, continually expanding our skills in many areas. Since we are constantly learning ourselves, we know how important it is to share our knowledge with a larger community.

At our blog you will find tons of interesting information on Cloud Computing, Internet of things, Augmented Reality, PLM, Outsourcing and Atlassian products. If you, like us, are a fan of exciting new technologies, our blog is the perfect place for you. Meet our experts and embark on a journey to digital transformation with us.

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