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Cloud Booster Program TT PSC

We know Cloud exceptionally well, so you don’t have to. Allow us to do what we are best at, leave the technological problems to us, and focus on your own business needs and ideas.

We live and breathe cloud.

New solution in two weeks time

This bold offering was created in response to increasing demand among our Clients for fast and reliable ways to validate business ideas. Now we make it public – so any company can benefit from it. Pandemic forced all of us to act faster. Therefore, we’ll help you quickly verify new ideas and their value to your business. With the right combination of serverless technology and the skills of our specialists, we’ll deliver a Proof of Value within 14 working days.

Cloud Booster Program TT PSC

We focus on your business needs

Even though there is coding involved, we primarily focus on your business needs. If you happened to be in a place where:

You need to deliver rapid Prove of Concept (Value) project

You don’t have time or money to wait 6 months to check if your idea works

You want to take you chance (experiment) and see what happens

You look for new ways to improve your business

You want to test a solution, but doesn’t have necessary resources

We are here to help. In the world where everything “depends” we commit to deliver value in 14 days within minimal budget.

Where is the "catch"?

Rapid deliver project requires full commitment on your part and situational awareness.

  • If your needs and problems are not determined yet.
  • There are stakeholders in your organization who are against cloud computing.
  • Your company undertakes huge cloud adoption endeavor that paralyzed virtually everything.
  • Internally – in your business unit – you can’t agree on what needs to be done.

Then, we’re afraid, this service is not for your organization and we will look for other ways to help you.

…But no worries.Write us!We will find the solutions for you
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How to start working with us

FREE Product Discovery Workshop

Timeline: 1 week

During this fast-paced workshop we focus on the problem space and possible solution. We bring a team of experts and use proven tools make sure that your product has the best chance of success.
Can be conducted 100% remotely and on-line.


Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Proof of Concept in the form of interactive mockup or a simplified app that lets you validate key assumptions and gather feedback from your users.

Get a free quote


Timeline: 2-6 months

Functional software with prime features that fulfill key business objectives. Ready to be deployed.

Do you still want to work with us?

Please check below how we deliver our solutions within 14 days. If technicalities are not your thing, then skip to next section where case study of one of our deliveries is described.

How we do it?

(Preliminary condition) Business need or problem to be solved is well understood by you.

Assessment if serverless can be used to solve the problem (we don’t believe in silver bullets) if yes we continue. If not we propose different approach (I.e. more traditional offering).

We’re creating high-level architecture and project plan that focuses on delivering solution that allows you to test (and measure? KPIs needed in STEP 1 or 2 your business idea.

2 days inception phase

4 days iteration 1 with a demo

4 days iteration 2 with a demo

4 days iteration 3 with a demo and solution handover

Implementation of the solution follows this generic plan:

14 days support. We take responsibility for implementation. You can count on our full support at every stage of the project, after its completion we offer substantive consultations.

After 14 days a retrospective meeting is held. Main goal is to determine if business idea proved to be worthy to purse or not (KPIs check). Technical aspects of the solution and delivery are also discussed as we value our Clients’ feedback in order to continuously improve our craft.

Here you find more details like prerequisites and constraints.

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  • Your company is in the AWS cloud (or is willing to use it).
  • You have good understanding of what needs to be done (i.e. goals – business need definition, problem description, ideally with requirements and KPIs)
  • Solution will be delivered in serverless technologies on AWS Cloud using TT PSC proven approach and know-how, which allows us to deliver fast, secure and robust solutions.
  • No integrations with on-premise systems in scope. In terms of data needed for PoV, one time export and import into Cloud can be realized (depending on size, this can be constraint to representative data set).
  • TT PSC has a final decision over: tools, frameworks, languages, architectures and AWS services that will be used to deliver solution.
  • Solution will be delivered according to the best cloud native practices such as FinOps and DevOps, following Event Driven Architecture principles.

Client success stories from Philip Morris International

Philip Morris logo

The implementation of KMS reduces the time needed to reach the information about errors, which translated into an increase in line productivity. The success of this implementation will perhaps serve as inspiration for the digital modernization for the repository of the knowledges and reapplication process.

Assumptions, which were the reason for starting the cooperation, have been fulfilled:

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Reapplication speed:

Reduce the time by 50%
Cloud Booster TT PSC
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Our approach

The implementation of KMS reduces the time needed to reach the information about errors, which translated into an increase in line productivity. The success of this implementation will perhaps serve as inspiration for the digital modernization for the repository of the knowledges and reapplication process.

Assumptions, which were the reason for starting the cooperation, have been fulfilled:


The new rules of the game caused by the pandemic are forcing companies to find new ways to deliver innovation and value to their employees and customers.

Business continuity

The past year has exposed all the flaws and shortcomings of on-prem solutions compared to the cloud. Many companies have been challenged by the lack of availability and overload of traditional server systems.


The traditional model of change management is failing these days. The companies which decided to use cloud technologies were able to quickly test and implement new solutions to improve the business.

How to get started

Transition Technologies PSC – With our many years of experience, we have developed a proven 2-step approach to PoV implementation. In the first phase we want to know your business goals, assess requirements and workloads through client workshops. In this phase we will create a detailed plan how to approach the challenges we face. In the second stage we will deliver a ready solution that will help you to achieve your business goals.

We believe in the power of cloud computing, which is the main booster for today’s world innovation. Through the cloud computing, companies will accelerate their testing and innovation implementation, have the ability to quickly react and adapt to market demands, gain operational IT cost savings and ensure business continuity whatever the circumstances. Our unique skills in each of the major public clouds will allow you to match the technology to the problem, not match the problem to our knowledge.

Cloud Booster Program TT PSC
Our Mission
Cloud Booster Program TT PSC

We are convinced that only use of new technologies will allow to create and implement solutions that improve the way products are designed, manufactured, operated, and maintained. The synergy between Cloud, IoT, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Enterprise PLM, and other value chain technologies, will enable us to capture the upside by becoming innovative in a sustainable world.
Industry 4.0. principles combined with data monetization creates new possibilities through rapid digital transformation and delivering business value.

Why Transition Technologies PSC?

Transition Technologies PSC



Transition Technologies PSC is part of the Transition Technologies Group, which has been present in the new technology market since 1991.

TT PSC specializes in Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Product Lifecycle Management, Atlassian products or nearshoring. We boast strategic partnerships with companies like PTC and Rockwell. The experience gained by working with the world’s biggest brands allows us to implement solutions based on the latest technologies in the most effective and fastest way, in accordance with the idea of Industry 4.0.


Gentherm logo

The team at TTPSC are true professionals. While working with them for nearly a year in migrating our PLM system to their managed service (on AWS) and developing enhancements to the applications they have demonstrated a commitment to our success and satisfaction.

Most impressive is their cooperative and transparent approach to guiding us through the process as well as the depth of their knowledge in both our applications and the infrastructure needed to support those. I look forward to continuing to work with them through our PLM and Digital Transformation journeys.

Marc Beneteau Gentherm

Marc Beneteau, PMP

Senior Project Manager


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Transition Technologies PSC is our trusted and proven partner for IT solutions, implementation, and modification. Cooperation is very professional and the collaboration helped us to release a cutting edge and reliable product suite to the market.

ESAB, with Transition Technologies PSC’s assistance, is creating a novel platform that improves our customers’ quality, efficiency and traceability day by day. We recommend cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC.

Eyal Shalar ESAB

Eyal Shahar

Director, Cloud Products and Services


Contact details

Do you need a free consultation? Contact one of our global representatives

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Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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Mohamed Ennassiri

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Daniel Chwaszczewski

Cloud Services Manager

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