_Connected Work Cell

Collect, analyze and manage production line data

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_What is Connected Work Cell

Connected Work Cell is a service based on deploying a system built from a number of various (enterprise-appropriate) IT solutions to a production line, thus:

  • Making data flow smooth and their management much simpler.
  • Making information presented visually and easier to understand.
  • Facilitating access to data, so that employees can quickly find, for example, manuals or machine specifications.

_Connected Work Cell – benefits

Easier, faster, more visual and more secure use of data

Increased production efficiency

Increased performance, faster workflow

Automations to ease the workload

Reduced both planned and unplanned downtime

Fewer production errors

Quality improvement

Faster onboarding of new employees

All teams working together

Connected Work Cell is a service to build a solution based on proven technologies for industry that provides seamless interaction with all data,

checking proper operation of the machines, IT systems as well as the tools connected. It also helps employees perform their daily tasks more efficiently with reduced number of errors. Flexible manufacturing execution applications, integrated with IoT, Analytics and AR, provide a fast and enterprise-proven way to digitally plan, monitor and optimize manufacturing operations.

Jakub Kaczynski
Jakub Kaczyński IoT Presales & Portfolio Lead

The activities it supports:

  • Displaying instructions and documentation (and archiving them).
  • Reducing paper documentation (production or post-production documentation such as reports).
  • Communication between different units, e.g. a mechanic can immediately see information about a malfunctioning machine.
  • Automation of ordering necessary parts to speed up production.
  • Minimizing downtime while expecting materials.
  • Information viewable in real time – current production control.
  • Generating reports on work performance or production efficiency.

North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales



 Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Head of Business Development & Sales in DACH



Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia



Ernesto Martins TT PSC

Ernesto Martins

Sales Director for Western Europe



Marcin Kniec, Transition Technologies PSC, Cloud computing

Marcin Knieć

Cloud Portfolio Director



Nir Brav Bussiness TT PSC

Nir Brav

Bussiness Development Manager



Filip Kolasa TT PSC

Filip Kolasa

Business Development Manager


_How we work with our clients

An end-to-end approach to cooperation is what defines us.

TT PSC's specialised teams and extensive experience enable us to provide comprehensive services at every stage of the project.

Business Justification Choice of one use case

Plan and roadmap

Discovery workshops Project work breakdown

Analysis of business needs, identification of use cases


Business Justification Choice of one use case

Implementation of the project first phase PoV

Review of results. Validation of benefits with end users. Confirmation / correction of change of case / area

End of PoV

Plan and roadmap

Implementation of pilotage for the second area

Business benefits

Analysis of business needs, identification of use cases

Review of results. Validation of benefits with end users. Confirmation / correction of change of case / area

Business benefits

Design Workshop

Feedback and decision workshop

_Technologies we use to build IoT solutions for industry

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_Explore other IoT solutions

Monitoring and use of assets
Connect and monitor multiple asset types.
Extended remote support
Provide employees with the ability to connect remotely with an expert and resolve issues.
Digital communication of change
Download and upload the most relevant change information.
Quality management system and process control
A single system based on complex information from multiple sources.
Industrial standardization of factory benchmarking
Implementation of operational best practices and increasing line efficiencies across all work sites and locations.
Interactive work instructions
Simplify employees' access to the information they need to do their jobs.
Connected work cells
Provide your employees with useful, enhanced information and boost productivity and quality of workflow.
Real-time monitoring of production performance
Get real-time alerts, improve predictive maintenance, team communication, increase security awareness.
Production tracking
Track the complete history of orders, instructions, parts, operators and equipment involved in every step of the manufacturing process, every final product.
Work order management
User-friendly interface for creating, modifying and prioritizing as well as sending and monitoring the status of production orders.
Real-time work performance monitoring
Service worker communication based on the flexible and powerful augmented reality tool..

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Each sector has different needs – we offer comprehensive solution packages and end-to-end platforms created to fit their specific needs. Find the one that’s compatibile with your industry.

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