_ThingWorx & RTTPM in the polyester film industry




  • Lack of data integration
  • Low value of data analysis
  • Ineffective change management




  • Data integration
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increase production efficiency


For a global manufacturer of PET and PEN polyester films, we carried out a project that involved the preparation of IoT system software to monitor the production process. The use of RTTPM allowed us to create charts and statistics to improve the production process.


  • Integrating PLC data on the production line into Kepware and ThingWorx with RTTPM required smooth, reliable communication. Ensuring data accuracy and consistency. #DataIntegration
  • Using ThingWorx with RTTPM to quickly process and analyze large amounts of data to generate statistics and charts. Delivering conclusions in a format that users could understand was key. #DataAnalytics
  • Developing effective strategies to respond to data obtained from RTTPM is essential to minimize downtime and maximize production efficiency. The challenge was to identify and resolve issues quickly. #RealTimeResponse
  • The implementation of ThingWorx with RTTPM required changes in business processes and the provision of appropriate training for employees. Preparing teams to effectively use the new technology was key. #ChangeManagement

Our solution

  • A new ThingWorx instance has been configured and prepared for further development. We ensured that all environments were ready and fully functional, laying the foundation for effective monitoring and data analysis.
  • A workshop was conducted to thoroughly understand and customize the solution to meet the customer’s specific needs. Implemented remote monitoring of a single production line with assets connected to ThingWorx (TWX), allowing continuous tracking of asset status.
  • KPI dashboards have been developed that display key performance indicators based on asset data. In addition, a dashboard with an event history view was created, enabling a deeper understanding of processes and identifying areas for improvement.
  • A comprehensive security model configuration has been implemented, including user groups, associations and permissions. Custom mashups have also been developed, tailored to individual customer requirements, providing a high level of personalization and efficiency in event management and alarm thresholds.

Main results and benefits

  • Integrated data from the PLC, Kepware and ThingWorx system with RTTPM enable accurate monitoring and management of the production process. Precise data translates into better product quality and more efficient use of resources.
  • With ThingWorx with RTTPM, the company can quickly process large amounts of data, allowing for better understanding and optimization of processes. Efficient data analysis leads to increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
  • Rapid identification and resolution of problems with RTTPM minimizes downtime and increases production efficiency. It enables dynamic process adjustments, increasing operational flexibility.
  • Training and preparing teams to work with new technologies increases their competence and efficiency. The implementation of ThingWorx and RTTPM becomes a catalyst for innovation and competence development of employees.

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